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Original title: Luck of Liu Yifei new theatrical work is true ” good ” , 4 years heat does not decrease keep long in stock to be added instead, complete fire of a few costar Speak of Liu Yifei, that affirmation is countless 80, 90 hind the goddess in the heart, no matter be small Long Nv, still be Wang Yuyan, the classical part that Liu Yifei keeps on screen left gorgeous scenery line to the audience.

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But since ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” later, liu Yifei appears on TV screen rarely, and this also lets a lot of audiences feel regretful. Do not pass good to be in, two this years Liu Yifei returns to small screen eventually, partner Chen Xiao acted the leading role theatrical work of sign of archaic female encourage ” dream Hua Lu ” , the collaboration of ceiling of bound of two Yan Zhi, the regale of a vision of appropriate appropriate.

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Although return the information that did not show to be transmitted up to now, but depend on Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao the Yan Zhi of these two people, had let a person one whole

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And besides ” dream Hua Lu ” outside, liu Yifei still has a keep long in stock big play of 4 years ” Na Yanzhai notes ” because specific element fails tardy,also meet with the audience, it is to wait really cried large quantities of one vermicelli made from bean starch. Fortunately this drama came out eventually good fun, the net is passed, liu Yifei acts the leading role ” Na Yanzhai notes ” will incognito for ” a 3 sheng ” , it is 55 collect from original 68 market change.

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Love of the Republic of China, chilly is beautiful moving ” Na Yanzhai notes ” it is drama of legend of a the Republic of China, adapt from housing small kill and the homonymic caricature that Zun Xiaoling produces jointly, what basically tell about is city white-collar Tang Man after the double deck in experience career and love inflicts heavy losses on, in return the book manuscript that native place discovers an incomplete is old during off cure injury, a chilly that opens kind of Liu Mansheng and Xie Shen with the perspective of a third party is beautiful beautiful love story.

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A lot of audiences meet love story of respecting the Republic of China couplet thinks of Jing Tian acts the leading role ” Si Teng ” , although be given priority to with modern play share, but the emotional matting that cannot leave period of the Republic of China, it is story masterstroke with love. Besides this bit outside, two drama still have a larger similar part, ” Si Teng ” female advocate the cane that Si Teng is magic arts of a meeting, and ” Na Yanzhai notes ” the power that medium Liu Mansheng also has a mystery and special mission, lend this the help worldly what what strand for affection is crazy male complain female make happy written guarantee.

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After-thought in those days ” Si Teng ” explode igneous occasion, having similar story pattern likewise ” Na Yanzhai notes ” should which won’t also differ. Of course, only story content is far insufficient, the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make will decide the quality of a drama directly, but this bit of audience can be at ease, the making ordinary members of theatrical troupe of this drama is actual strength more extraordinary.

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Direct bang wave to ever depended on a Chen Jianbin and main actor of Ma Yi ” Chinese type concerns ” with one action takes next Bai Yulan prize optimal director award, dispute of actual strength nature is same kind.

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Still have last year explode greatly money theatrical work ” break out of an encirclement ” below the camera lens that also is director of out bang wave, this drama mounts hot search time and again during broadcast not only, and accumulative total broadcasts a quantity to also be broken through 1.6 billion close greatly, although later period public praise glides somewhat, but achievement is very dazzling still.

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At the same time ” trident ” , ” Tian Chengchang song ” , ” hot Mom is being passed ” waiting for much department theatrical work also is act by bang wave guide hold guide, each can calls public praise an excellent work.

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Additional, ” Na Yanzhai notes ” the interest of playwrite Wu Jiuxi of this drama is not little also, ceng Chuang has been made ” hill of the day below 7 swords ” , ” idler Martha elder sister ” , ” inn of new dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” , ” had spent the New Year ” wait for much department work, experience is very rich.

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And ” Na Yanzhai notes ” the personally attend to garrison duty that this drama has celebrated director and scenario, plus the support of origianl work, become explode a can be expected soon.

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It is luck it is effort more, the heat that keep long in stock also does not bar must plaint, the lot of Yi Fei of Liu of immortal elder sister is nice really, should know ” Na Yanzhai notes ” this drama filmed 2017, 2018 finish, up to now already keep long in stock 4 years long. And a lot of actors in drama had begun to shine brilliantly in circle of movie and TV, it is to explode even fire gives a group, the heat that this also lets this drama is not decreased add instead.

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Liu Yifei nature is need not say more, no matter be acting or Yan Zhi, be ceiling level, and in this drama, she as before the United States gives new height, breath restoring ancient ways dresses up dye-in-the-woodly, seeming is the elder sister of size of the Republic of China that visits from the picture.

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What be worth to be carried more is, liu Yifei impersonates two character in cent of the one person in this drama, early days is green Liu Mansheng, come after that black spend the night with full scheming rub collect, honest too the acting of type of suddenly turn hostile that expects immortal elder sister.

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Male advocate Jing Bairan of the person that act, by right of a partner Yang Zi acted the leading role last year ” female psychology division ” the person gas that allows him follows further upward. He breaks through figure in drama, the Qian Kaiyi of personate ases if is the peacock that takes off only happily, comprise with violet younger sister ” a Cp ” laugh bent over countless audiences.

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And in ” Na Yanzhai notes ” in the figure that he revises to be taken off happily, put on long gown of a suit gray, binocular the ground that contain condition looks inshore graceful sheng, include ases if in the eyes all over the sky Yi of Yi of the Milky Way is unripe brightness.

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Additional, there still is the bend force of Liu Mintao of actor of noonday sunshine for use of an emperor to join in in this drama, although be in ” gules high-heeled shoes ” hind be gone forever on the way that billows elder sister is putting flying ego, but her acting is undeniable still. Be in especially ” the person that pretend ” , ” Lang Ya edition ” in the eldest sister He Jingfei of personate, it is to gave an audience to leave very deep impression more.

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Wei Daxun also has ginseng act ” Na Yanzhai notes ” , although he appears often in each greatly on program of put together art, but its own job or an actor, in light of the prevue that releases from the government, the look that he wears Chinese tunic suit has taste of the Republic of China very much, and the outbreak on the mood also very reach the designated position, acting is very pretty good still.

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In the meantime, still have in this drama ” Chen Qing makes ” in the Xuan Lu of personate division elder sister, want in those days, when taking this theatrical work, xuan Lu’s name is not big, and since ” division elder sister ” after one horn, also make Xuan Lu’s person angry soar, or very of the performance that expects her.

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Notable nevertheless is, ” Na Yanzhai notes ” male surname art ginseng performs 2 You Mou Zhao, and this also may be to cause this theatrical work by the reason of keep long in stock.

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Want to know, ” break out of an encirclement ” act because of the ginseng that has him namely and keep long in stock, used AI to change facial technology act against one’s will finally, do not know namely ” Na Yanzhai notes ” how can be this drama done, is still saying to expunge 13 collect his play completely in show share? This with respect to unknown.

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Altogether, ” Na Yanzhai notes ” the your work that this your person expects has had latest news to come out, although still be a net only,pass, but information total have an easy time does not have a message, because this drama invites an audience really,wait too long. After all a lot of audience wants to see the figure of immortal elder sister in TV quickly, so do you expect this theatrical work?

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