Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” anonymous ” stage photo of exposure Liang Chaowei, Wang Yibo, feeling of black and white and tonal atmosphere is pulled full Have again nowadays very much interesting movie can be in a certain time this year is shown, most propbably everybody awaits exceedingly, and among them what everybody pays close attention to quite to the film is cast, the actor’s acting still has the gut of the film to wait a moment, and among them anonymous it is to make what the person expects very much among them. Recently, stage photo of Wang Yibo of Wei of face of anonymous exposure bridge, the photograph is black and white and tonal, can say as unusual as the theme suit is actual, help atmosphere move completely directly.

20220213040112 620882882a102

What this film tells about stage photo of Wang Yibo of Wei of face of anonymous exposure bridge is on December 7, 1941, pearl Harbor of Japanese sneak attack. Morrow, bark puppet government follows Japan is right flower beauty declare war, japan is symbolistic occupational Shanghai whole area. And erupt of the war in the round as Pacific Ocean, form of Chinese war of resistance against aggression also was changed completely accordingly. Party member of underground of the Communist Party of China took a risk to send information, destroy day Jiang make peace, safeguard the motherland. This film believes to be able to make everybody right the thing that produces before more memory is deep. And anonymous recently exposure the black and white stage photo that Liang Chaowei, Wang Yibo still has Wang Chuanjun, it may be said of this group of stage photo is to have a feeling exceedingly, black white attune helps atmosphere move directly full, the photograph is bounds with the character, film crisscross of line light and shade, have a feeling exceedingly, and released first 30 seconds at the same time premonitory, in premonitory in can see, the Shanghai word dialogue of Wang Yibo, Wang Chuanjun was full of black humour, it is to have really in those days feel.

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The feeling that feeling of black and white and tonal atmosphere plays full black white to move a person is more mysterious, more cause an audience people curiosity, of course this one film is to had reduced green end, a lot of people expect most propbably exceedingly can see quickly, but the confidential job it may be said of this film is to be done so that reach the designated position exceedingly, not any the road is poured out of fully, nevertheless this also is to let a person more expect this one film, and also be can show this year, can saying is to expect exceedingly anonymous.

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