Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Charlotte is vexed: The biggest BUG in drama, mr. Wang is to teach Chinese or history! ” Charlotte is vexed ” this film believes everybody has had looked, this is in recent years a comedic film of special fire, after regarding Shenyang as Teng Zichun evening the first high grade work, show make an audience very satisfactory, it is creation goes out more later ” the iron fist of be ashamed be ashamed ” , ” Xi Hong city head rich ” wait for outstanding work. The person in be being encircled is new generation ” comedic Great Master “

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All gut in drama look be like monkey business, but do not lack logic again, pass through accidentally from Xia Luo, change oneself next with the identity of person of a future. Although disagreement is real, but also undertaking according to the history, for instance of Zhou Jielun appear. But there is a the biggest BUG in drama, the hundred person of 99 did not notice, mr. Wang is to teach Chinese or history after all! Major person thinks he is to teach Chinese the teacher, when because the school is in in Xia Luo,singing the first song, the Chinese teacher with say to he has Xin Kui good to him, here pointed to oneself.

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And in begin Xia Luo asks to trade a place when, the book that opens with the student on blackboard is the history however. And there is the history in important syllabus this class. Say literary history does not break up of course, do not cross those who attend the university entrance exam to know, literary history still wants to break up. So this BUG also is very difficult somebody discover and explain!

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Does everybody feel?

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