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Original title: Shi Shi of Liu of two great goddess, Ni Ni goes out with casing act ” years drifting gold ” , who do you prefer? Liu Shishi and Ni Ni can be how many girl and boy’s yearning goddess then! Two great goddess are the same as casing now, piece act ” years drifting gold ” ! This drama is adapted be the same as a novel from Yi Shu ” years drifting gold ” , basically tell about Zhu Suo to lock up (Ni Ni is acted the role of) with Jiang Na grandson (Liu Shishi) this gives aid to all the way to the good friend, accompany all the way. After entering a society, their life is different.

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Bright red Suo Suo is being depended on intelligence an wisdom and fine-looking very fast with respect to be able to pass, the Sunye austral Jiang became an outstanding white-collar. Make old past, they experienced social cruelty and cross, became finally best oneself. But no matter the life is good,be bad, she and she always gives aid to each other, never abandon each other. This drama fathers by Shenyang playwrite of Wen of director, the Qin Dynasty, outside presenting as leading role to act the leading role except Liu Shishi, Ni Ni, still have Chen Daoming, Dong Zijian, poplar the actor such as joins in. Be in early in fact 1988, zhang Manyu and Zhong Chugong give those who performed film edition ” years drifting gold ” .

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Their friendship passes the severe test of years, alcohol is only sweet, without decline. , ” years drifting gold ” this society is bloody big circus wagon, if you want live well, must enjoy the world. — ” years drifting gold ” I am successful, she does not envy, I am dispirited, she is not despised, life gets one bosom friend sufficient. , ” years drifting gold ” act the leading role to two, believe the audience is not new also! Be in ” step by step Jing heart ” in, the · of Ma Er peaceful that Liu Shishi acts is like sunlight development popular feeling. Although Liu Shishi’s performance always rises and fall errant, but her performance is one kind provides those who view and admire a gender extremely however. Those who make me impressive is screen image of Liu Shishi, namely ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 ” medium Long Kui.

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Audience people say Ni Ni has a piece of advanced faces. Who still remembers ” Jin Ling 13 hairpin ” in that elegant Yu Mo? Kill in the eyes of the Ni Ni in this film, taking the be puzzled of 3 minutes of evil spirit of 7 minutes of swift and fierce, let an audience see acting on-line Ni Ni. In fact, the screen image of Ni of Ni of the last few years, I still stay in in those days ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” in. Although I once by ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” before two collect are frightened retreat, but later drama barren when go looking again, discovery is really sweet! In fact, although modelling of clue convention, character is inadvisable, the performance of two actors also can maintain Zhang Zhen and Ni Ni this faulty drama!

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