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Original title: Treasure teenager Xiao Tianren: Joint performance of path of 10 annual expenditure makes fun of, god for use of an emperor of future male advocate Still remember ” send us to warm is warm Xiaoshi smooth ” ? Drama middle forest poors with Xing this must be locked up to CP! Want to know, ” Xiaoshi is smooth ” companion volume also wants very quickly to come, the 2nd is called ” send us sweet small perfect ” , hearing a name solely is sweet green idol play, the 2nd do you expect?

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It is reported, ” small perfect ” by the novel ” boat and renew ” adapt, gong Jun and Liu person language act the leading role, told about Zhou Xiao and Zhao Fanzhou minute minutes to add up to the love story that closes to go finally. One is great mind of department of legal medical expert, one is detective of cerebral hole girl is confused, this drama still was released recently premonitory, a lot of audiences state origianl work is reductive degree extremely tall, expect to go up line ah!

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In drama, xiao Tianren personate male one teenager period of Zhao Fanzhou, the legal medical expert that Zhao Fanzhou is a Gao Leng fastens great mind, need a person complaisant, it is as a child learn bully, . It is male that Xiao Tianren is worthy of advocate in one’s childhood specialist, it is for use of an emperor simply small male one, ” small perfect ” after counteracting Gong Jun to cooperate before long, xiao Tianren is in another drama with Gong Jun again partner, lot is really wonderful, too artful also!

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The teleplay that Xiao Tianren and Gong Jun cooperate 2 degrees is called ” we from marry begin have a love affair ” , mango TV and day amusement medium manufacture jointly, gong Jun and week rain red act the leading role. This drama can see from drama name actually, it is city sweet bestow favor on love subject matter. This drama is being patted in heat in, broadcast platform already decided Hunan to defend inspect Zhou Bo theater, xiao Tianren just coulds there be in fawn of the personate in drama, the young strong president of appropriate appropriate.

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With Xiao Tianren’s outstanding appearance condition, this kind of part is without personate young prince, young strong president simply pressure, who made him inherent grow key point of a pair of good eyebrow? Asing if delicately is the facial features that sculpture comes out, do not know to be able to after be brought up, be what kind of, it is small in one’s childhood male one specialist, prospective most propbably is male advocate specialist, do you feel?

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