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Original title: Because greenery of the TVB 74 years old ago dies elder brother chooses to act art way is not old temperamental goddess is celebrated for its unripe The article edits drama to show a company: UNIVERSE without accredit forbidden reprint, the Mai Hao that the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network is complained 74 years old is is Hong Kong of orgnaization of TV of wireless TV and new medium before art member, it is senior that wheat of its elder brother is become greatly and the actor that has deep love for a performance. The brilliant student that Mai Hao is is department of engineering of TV of university of Taiwan state-maintaineding ocean, repair in the Normal University later read language literature to graduate to the Master, it may be said is a future a light. Think originally can take educational language kind viatic he, chose to it contrary career.

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The major that Mai Hao learns to be on attend school road and act art road a person of extraordinary powers is irrelevant, after because wheat of its elder brother is become greatly,dying later, sad unceasingly Mai Hao is the unfulfilled wish for successive elder brother, mai Hao joins eleventh for the decision period wireless TV art member training class, he after graduation chooses to join TV group. It is to be the same as with Mai Hao 11 period of training class art be like,have Liu Qingyun, Tao Dayu, Wu Jun, Liu Jialing, Shang Tiane, Wu Qihua, Ceng Huaqian.

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Bright is the wheat after going out to often deduce the nobody part in drama, act neighbour of a neighbor occasionally, what act occasionally is driver of a taxi, but great majority is to act cloddish and overbearing marketplace small part. But not small look these nobodies, just make a play much one time because of these greenery just about another flavor, make its soul got raising of things to a higher level again. A delicate cate, have besides need rich and fresh outside feeding capable person, still need to try the condiment of assist a ruler in governing a country is tasted, let dish little taste add delicacy. Depend on oneself effort, 1997 Mai Hao is won red star large award award of 10 great the most welcome male actor or artist.

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Time of previous before dawn is in a TV station rebroadcast ” mump gens ” in go out with respect to what can see Mai Hao is act, he is in classic theatrical work ” old age ” in personate the part of a boss of newspaper files mouth, among them most those who let audience embalm is among them one act is classical picture, also be the setting that mouth suppliance boss gives the Liu Songren in play one of second chances again, the development strike of gut adds Mai Hao to be the high degree of professional proficiency, acting that makes moving heart, make audience in succession the tear looked.

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Mai Hao is in teleplay of Jin Yong novel ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in personate nature is pure, love to make fun of others ” old imp ” Zhoubaitong. To Zhoubaitong one part told about him in its play regardless of trival matters, become sworn brothers with junior Guo pacify for brother, and award ” empty bright fist ” reach ” wrestle of both hands each other ” . Be in the 3rd times later when sword of Mount Hua talking, zhou Baitong accedes of its senior fellow apprentice ” in magic power ” of Wang Chongyang position ” in imp ” date, became ” the world a four-line poem with five characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme ” the story of first.

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Mai Hao is later 1994 fight in some places one by one encircles development facilities to Singapore TV, depending on the endowment of antonym character, mai Hao held the position of Chinese of Singapore country museum to return justice labour announcer. Before paragraph time, while snow of rice of not old goddess flies to Hong Kong temperament to travel toward Singapore, be with lad wheat bright make an appointment to meet. Does Mi Xue share party picture on gregarious network platform and leave a message: ? Pod of  of pleasant ǔ eggplant fine silk does develop of ┒ extensive  install evil spirit sunlight of  of branchwooden fork Jia to disrelish Zheng of  of ⊥ of stand upright of an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast of  of sword of  of  of cliff ┪ toing admonish?

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The Mai Hao in the photograph is worn for end steamed stuffed bun of a dish of peaches offered as a birthday present, wear white contracted and the short sleeve unlined upper garment of line of accessary and green blue, be all smiles, color is beautiful, its are full a summary band is small the white hair that coil also keep out does not live its youth is like fire, ebullient heart. Good state of mind, decided one the individual’s spiritual outlook, look Mai Hao passes so that comparative in the day of Singapore for the gentleman Shu Xin. Also bless Mai Hao to be a gentleman here healthy, happy joy each days.

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