Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: The old age that develops young form lives 20220213043537 62088a9936a09 ” old boudoir is sweet ” Wang Li of reporter of Yang Cheng evening paper is guided by tall Liang Zhi, the city affection drama that Wang Fu Li, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian acts the leading role ” old boudoir is sweet ” heat of CCTV teleplay channel is sowed. The drama of senile subject matter of an opposite an unexpected winner can cause heat to discuss, win young audience especially love, solid belong to not easy. Besides the wonderful performance of main actors, also the expression that the essence that Qiao Liang of profit from director locates to the story holds to be changed with youth definitely. ” old boudoir is sweet ” told about 5 old ladies with disparate disposition, call false activity because of and be acquainted and form boudoir honey, search the old practice of the brigade of life new value jointly. Without big fight of wife and mother, without apathy heavy, drama anthology rhythm is lively, with contemporary city old people the lifestyle of youthful appearance attracted large quantities of mom pink, grandma white, many ” 95 hind ” ” 00 hind ” also was attracted ” tap water ” . Look in director Qiao Liang, the teleplay of senile subject matter that this is a green style, emphasize particularly on the senile life that develops young form. Speak of the thematic conception of this drama, does Qiao Liang express: ? Unplug cheek and allow cuts chimney  into parts to suckle  to allow arm of ⒓ of ァ of Suo Yue Xian ” ㄗ of Tiao of  of an ancient drinking vessel that quit work longs for cheek to knock favour of brandish of handsome V of persimmon of Scandium of  of accept of earnestly anxiety Lan to break Huan card arrogant  of E of danger of  of abundant of Suo of defect of male harmonious of berth blame You! ? turns over the director’s personal details, qiao Liang 1995 first hold guide love short ” Shanghai story ” open directs career. 1996, he fastens graduation from director of Beijing film institute, stay school teach. Enter row up to now 20 old, he patted much ministry film, teleplay, ceng Ping rents the movie ” on Yuan ” obtain film festival of the 39th Muscovite international top prize — Shengqiaozhi the gold prize is optimal film award. True, independent, soft, deep… the work focusing that tall Liang Zhi guides is right observe and think of sociality topic, in the reality that lives in order to appear and flying change period ” change ” with ” changeless ” . What he appears no less than ” is old boudoir sweet ” : ? Unplug Li of crusty pancake of formic M  shine first Ze of brightness Zhuo of rare  of ダ of filter of brightness Zhuo Ze records dispatch of cheek of dream of  of  of back up of  of 4 Piao part of the day arm ” Li of  of accept of chasm of cheek of dream of  of an ancient drinking vessel that quit work retreats  and Shi Zhuang of lie   is saved! Idle of nose pry nucleus? 20220213043536 62088a98ab290

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