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Original title: Also need not wear urgently ridicule him… Deng Lun is about to enter group take sport! Recently, his studio officer announce in July the journey. New theatrical work will switch on the mobile phone formally on July 20. This career to him is a surprizing message undoubtedly for pink.

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Because Deng Lun puts focus this year,be on put together art; Participated in ” the limit is challenged ” ” penetralia escapes greatly ” the transcribe that waits for much file program, and still be the identity with permanent honored guest; As a result fears at having many people he neglected the own job of own actor, be bent on put together art.

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About ” why to still enter group take sport ” this problem, deng Lun is in ” penetralia escapes greatly ” in give response, state oneself are reading a script.

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Go all the way, the Deng Lun that serves as an actor is extremely serious, handle every work very discretion and dedicated. Through ” because encounter you ” ” white Lu Yuan ” ” happy eulogy 2 ” ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” wait for drama to have his moment gradually, the full name was had in audience heart.

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Probably, of this paragraph of time ” become silent ” ; It is to more time choose a work, also precipitate appropriately oneself. So, those ridicule he is about to become ” Ga of put together art ” sound, do not have really necessary.

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Say to return the new theatrical work that is about to switch on the mobile phone. Although atelier did not disclose name of new theatrical work; But before many earlier small gain big V already undertook premonitory, switch on the mobile phone time and atelier release also very be identical. Do not give accident word, it is this ministry ” nocturnal traveller ” .

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Fabaceous valve brief introduction already gave ↓

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Heroine is to discuss degree of quite tall Ni Ni. The film that seeks with Zhang Yi ” Jin Ling 13 hairpin ” heroine identity goes out, the top is worn ” seek young woman ” the identity, the future is valued by.

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Although the sequel development in moviedom is lack of power; But depend on two this years ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” ” years drifting gold ” wait for teleplay to obtain the masses to approbate, the countryman is spent go up greatly with person energy of life.

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She is returned with ” years drifting gold ” the Zhu Suo in locks up one horn to be seleted division of TV of the 27th Shanghai Bai Yulan is optimal heroine.

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Although did not win a prize finally, but be seleted to affirm namely; Besides this is she receives mainstream award first nomination, to acting art career progress is a very positive signal.

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The person enrages temperament of young unripe partner ” seek young woman ” ; This cast has let a person expect the value is pulled full. And teleplay itself also takes window oneself, was full of strange unreal and romantic element.

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” nocturnal traveller ” adapt the place from Zhao Xi to write talk feeling novel. The novel gives a mark on fabaceous valve 8.5, the reader of more than 51% gave out the freeboard evaluation of 5 stars; Row ” fabaceous valve is popular pass through novel TOP10 ” the 8th.

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Two are installed in the book spatio-temporal. A period of the Republic of China that was 1936, a modern city that was 2015. Well-known lawyer fills the Republic of China clear Zong Ying of concessive and contemporary legal medical expert; Because of an old boarding house, the destiny interweaves magically together.

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Because changed the lamp of a corridor of apartment; Be in the Cheng Qing of period of the Republic of China to let personally; In can pass through be nodded to same 2015 ground at 10 o’clock in the evening everyday, encounter heroine Zong Ying.

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The morning of morrow at 6 o’clock, he can return the times that belongs to him again. Occasionally, zong Ying also can come to the Republic of China, experience the life here.

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Be in respective world, they have different joy and sad; Between days crisscross, they are stood by each other, each other understanding and warmth; The seed of love, plant sadly between two youths next wanton develop.

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Sound, does the set of story cardinal principle appear with the film ” does overtime sky live together ” are some similar? But the novel is talk feeling type, ” overtime sky lives together ” it is comedic type. Novel body amount is larger, integral conception and kernel also with ” overtime sky lives together ” disparate. So truly fine if tasting, still can experience the difference of two work.

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” nocturnal traveller ” when the big Shanghai that describes period of the Republic of China; Show that turbulent period racily in detail, the common people condition of each estate, realistically interest is strong.

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The depict that makes fun of to love is borne exercise restraint. Pay attention to detail matting and affective layer upon layer go forward one by one; Appear finally an ileum swinging gas and the 100 fated feeling that turn 1000 times, have appeal extremely.

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Person of two leading role is set particularly plump and stereo, action person loves. Hero Cheng Qing lets, lawyer of gold of the Republic of China. Confucianism elegant blandly, old style is just, the heart has gentle and warm power.

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Heroine Zong Ying, contemporary female legal medical expert. When the job sober and courageous and resolute, spell able and cheesy, individual character is pure and direct. Appearance is the United States’ colourful drive elder sister, the heart is a pure and obdurate girl however. This set and Ni him Ni also too was accorded with.

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When many readers are reading a book, feel its story tortuosity, the picture is extremely strong, suit movie and TV to change very much. Nowadays if the novel wishs to be adapted teleplay; Leading role still is when Gong Mingxing, believe the book is confused people meeting more expect.

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Had the freeboard public praise of IP; Believe to want drama to just do not forget the marrow of origianl work only, adapt appropriately; Serious ground is patted, affirmation can obtain right result.

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” nocturnal traveller ” will switch on the mobile phone formally on July 20; Those who expect time is new lively switch on the mobile phone graph and later period more stock. Ni of Ni of legal medical expert of & of lawyer Deng Lun, yan Zhi and actual strength all on-line is fresh combination. Drama anthology is returned not Guan Xuan, small make up stand first decide this pair of CP, believe to become a shareholder not to have a deficit absolutely!

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