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Original title: Do you believe love? That sees play of these 10 Han, the first simply tear was dried One, I am sorry, I love you

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Tell the truth to oneself see teleplay tear nod or be compared tall, because a certain holiday till high school is dull chasing after drama to be pleasant to the eye to occupy an evaluation to this innocently also is numerous say wind and cloud, then curiosity looked, before 10 market still can stay firmly basically mood, cruel begins to arrive from the back washed-up, dried the tear of all one’s life on me sincerely, the first feeling is Korean be to use life to love in Tan Lian! The although have younger brother of one’s father of the Li that nod trailing plants,loves sense on figure, what do not cross us is male advocate Su Zhixie is handsome really!

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2, oh my ghosts and gods Yours Excellency

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Seeing this occupy the biggest question is: Male advocate is what love after all schoolgirl or female ghost? At the outset this height difference that occupy but very of fire, female advocate Piao Baoying face of a piece of baby also is absolutely, the acting with ancient clever odd choice also very denounce happy event, male advocate very undemonstrative, nevertheless! Face so lovely girl I want to do not have that schoolboy to be able to refuse! This drama is not bad the gut of cruel is not much, it is very sweet course for the most part, the netizen that likes theatrical work seeing Han believes what had looked!

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3, Jin Fuzhu of weight lifting alluring woman

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This kind small pure and fresh campus drama is really 100 see not tire of! Pure and fresh not feigned, female advocate disposition is denounced happy event, male advocate lovely to explode, two people are very suit, also have in reality had talked about love, the love of student period is very pure, without the bagatelle influence of without fixed duties, also do not have the pressure block up in the life, they are not the people that worked a lot of years, not be high school is born. They are undergraduates, they are to have a dream confused person, they are to dare love to dare hate the person that can cry flabbily again, they are common the person that has brilliance oneself again. They, the likelihood is each once us.

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4, the fokelore of blue sea tells the truth Han drama bound lets me be sincerely convinced with respect to acting Yanzhi of Quan Zhixian up to now, this or the postpartum regression work that had laid the child, every eyes reachs the designated position to also be without goddess package movement so whats are put so that leave, male advocate the Yanzhi of Li Min pick is likewise online, do not cross this to occupy be being spent reputably is not very tall, evaluation of a lot of netizens is foolish Bai Tian covers a region, have the feeling of bit of small disappointment, strong Yan Zhi looks pretty good also!

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5, energetically woman Dou Fengshun

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The combination of Piao Baoying of plain bright establish wants Yan Zhi to Yan Zhi wants acting to have acting really, piao Baoying is very sweet still, colour basically accord with the masses aesthetic, super manifest the age small, how to look to resemble a student. Such on Yan Pei energetically the woman is set, had very good contrast feeling, must admire a director pick part, bright plant is complete in stamp handsome dot revive dot, bright plant is complete in stamp handsome dot revive dot! Two people are to belong to lovely model, cp feeling explodes canopy! This drama is completely sweet to drama!

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6, golden secretary why in that way

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This drama is 100% reductive caricature really, yan Zhi although justice, piao Minying is rejuvenescent, modelling it may not be a bad idea is beautiful, although actor’s lines has bit of thunder or pretty to do laugh. Picture wind only beautiful, men and women advocate Yan Zhigao, gut is funny than sweet Zuo to. Feel brilliant to chairman is a rash fellow on amative technology originally, future can care, did not become want, issueing much Lv, return meeting push-pull, can cause jealousy with new secretary, still can collude with take questionnaire investigation to wait a moment a series of operation!

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7, the phantom is done urge a tear again quite, male advocate male feeling of CP of 2 sweet juice, han drama exceeds the another big master piece of ability subject matter!

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Do urge a tear again quite, male advocate male feeling of CP of 2 sweet juice, han drama exceeds the another big master piece of ability subject matter! Jin Gaoyin is very lovely really be able to bear or endure look comfortable temperament is very god-given very distinctive single-edged eyelid, acting nature makes moving heart, kong Dashen hits umbrella to appear over there handsome to the shriek! Very nice theatrical work is from the back affirmative very cruel falls in love with the other side to pull out that sword next uncle walked, ending does not have sodden end!

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8, the gut of 3 drifting Lu Qingmei a bamboo stick used as a toy horse? This part lets Piao Wubin the story framework ability that I saw playwrite is outstanding. This drama is at the beginning with ” report is real ” of the eyeball that deprive a person, and scan widely looks, the life of 4 heroes has really on certain level enough realistically!

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The excellent kiss ability that playwrite and director are placing Piao Xujun’s little elder brother need not, still weave to the 8th collect men and women advocate the soul that embraces me with the coat that lying between you, straight male aesthetic can differentiate schoolgirl has besmear lipstick… wait Plato a moment to frowsty coquettish method, will debug feeling strong pitch, can saying is very tall lever.

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9, this life is first time

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Of scrupulous male advocate, what can serve the 1% people that get hard is female advocate, the first collect with respect to collect neat awkward, enchanted, warm heart, comfortable, must maintain go down! Zhi Hao’s heart is so low-down, so doubtful calm, it is a world actually bright too over- inside the expression of collect causes. Do not have method, the schoolgirl inside love needs to affirm ceaselessly is well-founded.

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Because if not be personally,speak that word that loves you, any feelings may be illusive only, do not have any power. Just holding the theatrical work that seeks essay of love of a city to loosen the mood to just be nodded in the arms originally, what did not think of expect of the first collect is less than is good, not only it is gut interesting, actor’s lines and conception also very be able to bear or endure article. 10, celestial a flight of stairs too cruel simply! Almost each collect should cry, feel male at that time advocate exceed in one’s childhood handsome after be brought up, become ugly, after feeling grown now, also hold out handsome.

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Look at before female 2 feel her stand or fall ah discover Jin Taixi is very beautiful really now, this him drama is really for ages for ages before those who look, and be 100 see not tire of, look to cry.

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This drama and other Han theatrical work are actually same, traffic accident, break recall have, but like this theatrical work very much really, return the part for ever with too much drama of deep feeling Han. Too cruel!

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