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Original title: 37 years old of Wang Ou take harbor wind, play cross a boundary, your true A exploded ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” fire, zhang Reyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Song Yi became the discharge center last year. . . . . . Especially the Li Chun that personate manages manage manages, come on the stage let hero look straight eye.

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Bright red lip is opened gently, features has a smile on his face, plus the part also very denounce happy event, taking strength of character, concealed is worn oneself dark the heart that love, also let popular feeling ache really. Nevertheless estimation lets what she also feels very pained is since since going out, her misdeem Cheng Wangou not be minority really. If talk,the face bumps inside remove manure from a pigsty this thing, besides Sun Yi of & of Tong Yao of & of Dong Xuan of Tong Liya & , Zhang Ziyi, Li Qin, li Chun and king gull are to make a person foolish really foolish cent is not clear. . . . . .

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Tell really, in recreational group, bumping into a face to still bump into a name is not a favour really, can cause a mighty uproar very easily, although two people have each beauty each, can look carefully, black aglow lip of Wang Ou is killed is simply too AAAA!

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What she just plays just in time is newest one collect ” king of the song that cross a boundary ” , black cheongsam adds white feather amice, dish hair, red lip, thick makeup, fine girth, the head card Gong Mei that is typical warlord period really rares!

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Below spotlight, wang Ou sang a Mo Wenwei with the attractive voice that has qualitative feeling extremely ” cloudy day ” . Feeling is not your affection I wish to had better love hate to pull smooth neither photograph to owe emotional disclose the one person that one person flounces off goes collecting

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Her deduction cast off flavour of pathos of some of love song be used to completely, did not rip a heart to crack lobar pain, what be full of contemporary feeling again along with the gender freely only is free and easy, this Fang Buddha is the old practice that Wang Ou is using music to recounting his. Firm and persistent to her with independence already take root was in in one’s heart, there is overmuch feeling in her singing so arbitrary, integral picture is halcyon do not break only beautiful. The audience says for fun ” it is one is performed art the singer that the career delays ” . This also is not Wang Ou sang for the first time, in before some period date on put together art, she ” eventually when you ” Jing admired full-court, well-known Zhang Jing clever song all along is sung harder, wang Ou actually whole journey Hold lived this song, sound true a bit not ” spare ” ! No matter go up from the program in daily still life see not hard, wang Ou was to arrive chicly really acme, also arrived independently the person of acme. All these results from even her childhood. What actually she begins 15 years old to do is model, 100 money go beautiful, the firm closes even 50, the leg with that paragraph of true time goes quickly lame, plantar callosity can knock a sound, division of the last clothing came down to also earn 1500 only. The Wang Ou with such free-standing self-improvement is having inarticulate however pungent. The family of the Nanning go into business that awaits in those days is very much, very unfortunate, wang Ou became children staying behind, agelong host is in kin home. A few that when her mother goes back every year merely, also won’t hold oneself in the arms like common mother long the child agitato that did not meet asks all sorts of questions, have a meal together taletelling, interrogatory instead she: “How do you become black ugly, resemble my one’s own far from. ” the Wang Ou that this also brought about 13 years old is taken an examination of go learning ethical dance, she does not like dance, she basically is to want to leave this home, yue Yuanyue is good.

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Wang Ou is in later in model contest show itself, classics person recommend comes to Beijing begin to take sport, but she is not the actor of one’s previous experience of regular professional training, rely on him little all the way evil filling basic skill, all the way bumpy, this road has much trouble to only he just knows. ” sesame seed alley ” can saying is a work that does not take flow, but the theatrical work with steady connotation is made, with He Bing, Liu Bei actor of one numerous old Beijing cooperates 4 months are equivalent to performing education courses undoubtedly, for film of experienced good Beijing, wang Ou also made great efforts really.

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She has Yong Youmou take on and part span is as long as 30 years, life experience rises to fall greatly greatly, this to an actor of more than 30 years old difficulty is open-armed very big. Ke Wangou’s true also performance the sort of layer upon layer the mood feeling that go forward one by one.

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From bitterness helpless and cannot believe explores to cautious ground, arrive again acedia, the mood is full moving, dare say everybody arrived this collect when, can’t help cried. Because actor’s lines means and language are logistic special old Beijing, wang Ou is in even for certain as southern girl oral speech soundvoice compares others up and down more kongfu. Wang Ou tells him to call to Beijing friend in the middle of the night appeal actor’s lines, before dawn slept at 4 o’clock, rose at 6 o’clock take sport.

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She was entered later ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” play staff, direct Li Xue to see from her body, it is a person seek to live on in what the spurt in the environment that does not have safe feeling most gives out desire, find her actively after be patted to ask she wants not to want to perform daughter of villain in drama then one. She does not know she is comfortable unwell costar villain in drama, can direct say she goes, she goes up with respect to toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself. The fact proves, directing eye is right, be like this kind of person like Wang Manchun and Qin Ban, their heart was full of fear and loneliness, even if outer person looks, already very doughty, this is not He Wangou different in approach but equally satisfactory in result? What the director takes a fancy to is the hardness of her kernel, this is to act in a play act not to come out, it is one individual in one’s heart send out the temperament that come out, take a few minutes of charm to love to hate kink again. Of coincidence is, be in ” star great detective ” in, wang Ou does those who cross song daughter to dress up as much, at that time also is elegant colourful beautiful women or fragrant flowers, enchanting and moving because hiding in the heart,be opposite again mom’s ashamed remorses and got the torment of many hearts.

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Actually to an actor, passing program of put together art to cut a figure is not a favour, can be in all the time to Wang Ou do not angry not after a few years of fire, ” renown detect ” appearing can be really let her prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red. Of course, the someone also does not play a holiday. Should take out acting to have acting, should take out brains to spell brains, should use fine-looking also explicit beauty turns over full-court. Be in newest of one season ” star great detective ” in, of Wang Ou return to first fry heat went up to heat up search. When she suffers Sa Beining’s doubt, reply of a movement that raise eyebrow scatters: “Where is evidence? ” . This eyes simply online kill me, I ased if to see Wang Manchun again.

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I remember having first phase program probably case process is serve as setting with an aviation accident, outside the trade is being sent when the plane lands, dash against ferry car, ferry car driver dies on the spot. And after case hair before long, pilot also dies at ferrying mysteriously on the side of the car. And the dead (NPC) the husband of the empty elder sister that is Wang Ou personate.

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When just knowing a news sad, dare not believe. . . . . . Below one second resembles doing not have thing person to had gone euqally, your person is surprised her tremendous change. Look silently not seductively again in analysing a process next to the tall canal that Wei Chen acts. Can say to be in Tibet of the bottom of the heart ” extramarital affair ” the relation is deduced, affection arrives thick when return Gao Ge: I am the youth that you pay, so old, change to thank you however help sb to fulfill his wishes. . . .

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The much horn that this is what cruel heart is loved, I saw idol play in a put together art unexpectedly! Serve as bright detect ” why to scatter ghost Bai Ou ” old member, wang Ou was to have really in this put together art hold the balance the position like, ” star great detective ” in this kind of program that the program changes a status, you discover Wang Ou seems to take what identity card to resemble this identity not hard this some appearance. The shepherdess of her personate, beautiful amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds.

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For instance ” there is sth fishy of handsome government office ” the aunt in too, charm still is put taking trifling scheming plan again;

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Still have ” a large ship of the destiny ” the Ruth gull in, the aristocratic young lady of first-class stateroom cabin, temperamental chilly aloof and proud.

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A lot of people say the part in put together art, she acts rise too simple. The thing that actually you do not know, wang Ou’s do a job with skill and ease is the play that had performed 10 years because of her nevertheless, those who stepping a lot of department work to walked along ability to you look is simple take hold. She is ” Tian Chengchang song ” in personality is distinct, dare love to dare be hated female Jiang Huaqiong of faithful brave atmospheric.

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She also is ” the person that pretend ” Sino-US appearance and wisdom annex, bark information of headquarters of puppet government secret service grows Wang Manchun everywhere cruel and evilly again.

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She also is that is attacked admire at calculation, beauty astute Qin Ban if.

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Although shaped numerous part, but before everybody is done not have on content body the shadow of the part, each it is unique existence. Take to what different figure eyes transforms especially hold, every are communicated have appeal very much, let a person produce resonance with her in spite of oneself, in the mood that is immersed in her. Likely also because of personate of villain in drama too much, the screen image that brought about Wang Ou as a result is secured to be in daughter of acridity villain in drama deserves to go up, fortunately Wang Ou knows he feels cannot demarcate is in the frame of villain in drama.

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A lot of actors are afraid meeting part place is manacled like heterogeneous be crossinged, the influence is opposite to the audience oneself inflexible impression, be made fun of by limitation thereby road. The Wang Ou that goes out 16 years also is met faint have such worry, so she hopes to let an audience observe his through different role more. Look, in her newest in broadcasted work perfect show came out, still have in ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” before the play of suspense espionage war of bully screen ” the Waking of Insects ” , be taken for a time and ” the person that pretend ” do quite, be called even ” star great detective ” ” derive piece ” acting the leading role after all also is ” star great detective ” permanent honored guest. The Zhang Li of king gull personate is Chongqing army all section member of family of the Communist Party of China of the 2nd place, sturdy Ju Zhihui.

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Of limb swing the state that reveals one’s previous experience to handle dangerous situation, the eyes is unhurried however, have quite big female advocate wind model.

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Later again what bully enrages female star to walk postural closes market, completely OK Europe elder sister also calculate on! ! ! Although be in this ” the Waking of Insects ” in, part figure of Wang Ou is the front, but Europe elder sister still dozen of play of efficient, it is to obtain a lot of praising more.

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In drama, should send Chen Shan off to be gone to alone when Zhang Li when danger, the mind on Bei cannot be however below the state of group of enemy annulus wait show emotion, the orbit with fluctuant corners of the mouth, red extensive, it is really ” get the better of soundlessly right now phonic ” .

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Occasionally I am thinking really, if Wang Ou one piece,can encounter first-class play staff, it is good that that should have many. . . She can encounter certainly enough the place that shows oneself, also need not so torpid 10 years long. Someone says, wang Ou suits to act too ” bring calamity to the country and the people ” woman, the frown and smile has amorous feelings very much, but a such sexy women also once were harmed violently by the network, cannot survive basically in network world, even if phonates, very faint also. But she also full is a free and easy clique.

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Eat eat and drink drink, play play be troubled by, continue to act in a play, know oneself and aspirant, sober and cordial. She learns sensible independence and adamancy prematurely, but the terminus that this is not her, the go through the mill of 10 years of ups and downs, it may be said is great minds mature slowly. She is not endowment player absolutely, she still also is learning now, uses what be in indifferently disposition, continue to act in a play seriously, portray each new role. Conquer with the part your eye, what does that still have other can you say?

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