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Original title: The more than male new theatrical work after low-key shadow will raid, the feeling that has backside of case of focusing of punishment detect drama eventually and human nature Regard the 2nd drama of theater of mango TV monsoon as collect, with ” the female division that measure a lie ” the punishment detect subject matter that gives priority to a problem, “After low-key shadow ” bend affection of Yu Nan joins in, ” crammer true explore ” how to look to have become explode of the paragraph go qualitative.

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Go up in fabaceous valve however, ” crammer true explore ” the grading that has 6.6 only however.

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The audience that does not like thinks simple, inference draws the plot of a play of the case in drama hip, carry do not rise ” punishment detect ” ” suspense ” label. Favorite audience thinks this drama is sober and insipid even the gimmick of wind of deflection on-the-spot record, and case backside place permeates the feeling that give and human nature, be worth the aftertaste. Take the first case to tell, zhou Rejun of 2 marriage mother connects disclose 19 knives, kill oneself marital Zhu Xiaodong.

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Thinking originally is homicide of cruel passion of home of Zhou Rejun revolt, the Shi Ling that measure a lie passes a few small expression and subliminal body response to figure this removes a case to have facts one wishes to hide additionally however like that. Pass a series of visitting after that with investigation, ling Ran’s speculation is confirmed. Although be behaved very obscurely in drama, but ” the gender is invaded young female ” ” love child addiction ” audience of a few words is tacit however. Eliminate legal program, drama of domestic movie and TV can involve this topic scarcely, and reality is China however average everyday sex of a children invades exposure case.

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To most person, this kind of this kind of thing, person, light is to hear had felt disgusting, abhorred. And the Zhou Rejun as victim mother, inner anguish is more adv unimaginably. Be in ” star great detective ” the 6th season ” midnight hotel ” in, the theme also involved a gender to invade young child. And when first phase kills mad Yang Rong to be disclosed gradually in the theme, mood nearly out of control. When polling even, below the circumstance that who knowing perfectly well a murderer is, yang Rong chooses to send another person additionally, hope to ever can be restarted by the murderer of enroach on only life.

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But ” star great detective ” it is a game, the honored guest has authority to make his choice. And before law, murderer law is cannot the fact of controversy. ” crammer true explore ” in, the Ling Ran that serves as a mother likewise grabs the last second that adjudges in the court, take out enough to affect adjudicative evidence, let Zhou Rejun be absolved probably die. At herself, at the audience character, it is a kind to comfort. If say Zhou Rejun case is the social subject matter that calls attention infant safety, then Jiang Yali record can say is literature of a pathos. Anonymous when female cadaver is discovered, had been in container lay alonely a few months, punishment detect group begins to investigate from a hairpin, gradually medley gave the dead the lifetime with brief cool Bei. Parents double die, the elder brother does not know a footprint, young and beautiful Jiang Yali comes to big city for bread, knew Ma Rui to become.

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The Jiang Yali that had not seen world is sold to organize the false appearance misdirect of sweet solidarity continuously by what Ma Rui becomes, of one mind hopes she of domestic warmth is organized to join, mortgaged Id, edge collect sells fund outside sending by the side of. Did not think Id was borrowed by person go off with however usurious. But under, jiang Yali is obliged to move employee dormitory, have the have sb in one’s care of old client Liang Hui fortunately, although just live in container, but had stay land at long last. And reside for a long time alone because cannot be borne,divorce with the wife already in the Liang Hui of container. Originally he heart grey meaning is cold, encountered Jiang Yali however, as if a light, sweep the haze besides his mind. And to Jiang Yali, liang Hui also is the Na Daoguang with her long already longing. The life poor of two people also happy. Jiang Yali also first time sense of reality suffers the warmth that reached the home.

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Told him Liang Hui to be pregnant till Jiang Yali. The Liang Hui that is certain oneself cannot be borne left Jiang Yali under one anger. And Jiang Yali wants to have a home too, even if Liang Hui is not answered, even if the doctor says,had better stop with her body condition gravid, jiang Yali still cannot abandon the little life in the abdomen. To protect a fetus, believed the gambler king Xin of medicine selling a holiday by accident again, home of extinct and whole body, final however because gravid, die alonely in container. She ever approached light so, as if tentacle can be reached, can be being returned finally is by dark embezzle.

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Jiang Yali itself although one’s life experience is bleak, but it is the girl that a sunshine tries hard actively however, who should her death blame again? Ma Rui becomes the fund that received her, took her id card, but he also introduced to send to Jiang Yali however outside the work that sell. The boss sells not to go up outside heart, employee breaks nonfeasance of couplet a few months, but Jiang Yali has said to go out to get the job finish sth do not make anybody responsible. Liang Hui says to go, the opportunity of a bit explanation does not give, but he really genuinely and sincerely treats Jiang Yali, it is deep-set only oneself anguish, cannot extricate oneself.

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Zhou Wei of bridge brightness ex-wife, what cannot bear obviously is him, pretending however is Liang Hui’s reason, but she is to fear Liang Hui leaves him, and that moment Jiang Yali also did not appear. Kite of king Xin of one mind, but his medicine eats however not the dead, jiang Yali’s cause of death is gravid cause liver function exhaustion and a lot of complication. Die in Jiang Yali on this thing, what are these people like to also was not done, but was like everybody to become the one link that kills Jiang Yali. Very the death of Jiang Yali of it’s hard to say is accident, still be destined, but relapse in drama with death lonely as comparative as the beautiful thrust deep into the enemy forces in memory, tragic colour sends dense more.

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Why I think ” crammer true explore ” although be Yu Nan,act the leading role, but leading role is not her, not be group of this punishment detect even. Because be in drama, compared with crack a criminal case, this group of people more resembling is to be in pursue a story, alleged measure a lie, just help the method of unlock clew.

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And real leading role, it is every story actually in, the Everyman that is not taken seriously. Without what this drama is so strange also bad miscellaneous case, without the inferential riddle of choiceness unsurpassed, do not have soul-stirring more capture confront each other. Compared with these, ” crammer true explore ” the person that what pay close attention to more is backside of every picket case it seems that and thing. Jiang Yali is living hard, but the one link that each person that she encounters became her to move toward death. In Zhou Rejun case, as the camera of the most significant evidence, be hidden in the bag by new owner. In Ling Ran be in hot pursuit below, male owner just not the ground that affection does not wish handed over camera.

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Here is fine think of extremely fear, very possible this male owner has move and Zhu Xiaodong’s identical hobby. But look from appearance, he does not pass even if one common, the middleaged man that has some of obsequious even, other people cannot judge his inherent quality at all. What you also won’t know to just brush a shoulder forever and pass is an allergy; Whether can a word that also cannot expect oneself forever become a straw that is pressed on someone body, horrible place nothing is more… than of human nature this.

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Law is last line of defence only, on this line of defence, before harm is caused, need attention most still be a person forever. The person is the core of all stories, ” crammer true explore ” be willing to spend backside of case of many words depict to concern ” person ” story, this ability is its biggest attraction.

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