Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: He is a person that has idea very much really, very warm, very perspicacious Today, I will to everybody introduce fourth Yu Xi. My archaeology the other theatrical work about him, tremble sound, very circle pink, but outside drama oneself make me direct take off pink, nevertheless, small gain pays close attention to all the time, small fourth acting but, the nature that likes long likes, talent also is some, idea also has, work and illuminate forcedly pretty good, it is put together art feeling is not very strong, expect him more work. He himself also has said in interview, do not have to him too expect greatly, but he already some flashy dots had let a lot of person quite assist and yearning, need not too kink, he is an actor, should not be the mature God that you say, fast this 3 paragraphs had made me special expect new work later, dedicated work, his ambition also is not to make a simple image.

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Tell the truth, han Shuo is not I had seen a the most handsome male advocate, but it is exclusive however one lets my bear in mind constantly and idea is bad those who make the same score is male advocate. The acting of Xiaoding’s classmate is very pretty good really, he Han Shaojun tenderness, bestow favor on wife, faithful dog even the abdomen is black, overbearing, the disposition of the face explains firm severe so much came out, proper limits for speech or action holds very well, ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” it is I see big final result exclusively and the net drama that fails all the time, additional, still expect small fourth homecoming has more good work.

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He is a very special and fine actor, acting is first-rate, be in at least ” Chen Qian Qian ” in, he Han Shuo this part is explained first-rately. Affection is revealed very reach the designated position, expression also is not haunt. I fell in love with Han Shuo this part, although be opposite his a few things I still not quite self-identity, but I respect the person that has actual strength forever, respect those actors that value part and part forever. Still can continue to pay close attention to him later. He is a person that has idea very much really, very warm very perspicacious. Those atttack the person of his appearance on the net, I am true not quite understand, the appearance newspaper that why wants pair of others has so old ill will, everybody has what each characteristic also has held out each.

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