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Original title: Why be Yu Hewei CCTV is in recently sow a new theatrical work, ” big decisive battle ” . Pay close attention to this drama, because,a very main reason is Yu Hewei, say well and truly, because Yu Hewei comes,be personate Lin Biao.

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Before this, person of Lin Biao that act, basically 3 make a person impressive, pressing time order is Mr. Li Xuejian, Mr. Ma Shaoxin and Mr. You Liping respectively. Hind two main with forest openly figure is given priority to, mr. Li Xuejian shaped the image of home of Lin Ye heart, also absolutely, figure of this one edition makes a person cry more absolutely.

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The modern drama that was 1980 then ” 913 incident ” , li Xuejian of 26 years old acts 60 years old forest. If you had seen this stage play, you can feel that is a kind of figure that saw heart Jing be terrified, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient, one character in one language, let a person shudder. Allegedly, somebody evaluates Li Xuejian to act forest, say him ” stand toward a tower over a city gate, blame scare a few people dead cannot ” . Still allegedly, wang Guangmei goes expressing sympathy and solicitude for actors when, smiling with everybody handclasp, refuse alone only and Li Xuejian handclasp. Recently, see Mr. Li Xuejian gives the new theatrical work that perform ” our new era ” , the part in drama is dub, his former voice actor’s lines does not have a problem, but this drama is handled so, he is sufferring enough infer as before the torment of ailment. Also wish his body can restore at an early date here. Say to return Yu Hewei, I believe, a lot of people still are mixed I am same, be enmeshed in ” arousal time ” in figure glamour of Chen Duxiu hard extricate oneself. Be like the Chen Duxiu of fire, impassioned from passion, be like to the face austerity, tacit, guess him forever the Lin Biao that what thinking, what the part differs different span is big, although acting is outstanding,be like Yu Hewei, unavoidable also let a person be worried. Tell the truth, yu Hewei and forest not be on figure so agree, be in an unfavorable situation quite on the appearance. Cut graph, can you see he is Lin Biao comes? more the Chen Duxiu that resembles dress military uniform?

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Of course, pass calm case to come in some picture only his diagonal models judge lubriciously, too one-sided. The performance is not to take a picture, the actor still needs vestibule word, movement, expression to come depict part, deliver character affection, in ” be similar in shape ” suffer below bounds circumstance, let ” alike in spirit ” will make up for, to with Wei character, do not have what difficulty. Have one act, it is Lin Biao is in headquarters, come through placing soya bean ” platoon arms embattle ” , analytic enemy my situation. Outside gunfire reaching the sky, advocate handsome in still enraging assume personal command of ground of compose oneself idle inside army account, use local materials — act through placing soya bean to do arms chess to push, the collect inside this is not composed, angry from power model, flinch the ground did not have?

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Of course, ” big decisive battle ” just sow the 7th collect, distant Shenyang battle has not left formally dozen, yu Hewei is had a plenty of to explain the opportunity of the part from the back, we and look and analysis. Write here, through ” big decisive battle ” in Yu Hewei acts Lin Biao and cause not little attention to spend this thing, derivative the problem of a deeper administrative levels: Why be Yu Hewei? From tremble on sound ” then play music catchs dance ” to ” arousal time ” of Chen Duxiu shine brilliantly, from ” over cliff ” pick so greatly that national division regard highly arrives Bai Yulan is optimally hero award, yu Hewei had become the person of people love truly, why? We can be blurted out of course ” it is him acting is good ” , of course, acting is really hold at He Weijiang is added strongly, but acting is good more than he is one, why is that Yu Hewei unluckily? The answer is, yu Hewei is approbated by the masses, show he is needed by this market certainly. Change a word to tell, he is fill certainly a certain blank of this market, again specific feature is, the age is the same as in him paragraph in the actor, lack him such one sort. In circle of domestic movie and TV, 45 arrive 50 years old this age paragraph in the actor, we seek a few active types: Zhang Jia beneficial, uncle type, straightforward. Guo Tao, a tough guy, creed of deflection old man. Duan Yi grand, a tough guy, deflection is sagacious. Huang Bo, comedic, nobody, Thespian. So what is Yu Hewei? It is to have ” flavour of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease ” , yi Zhengyi evil. Do not know you see Yu Hewei is to be in which drama for the first time, yu Hewei is known at the beginning of me, it is to be in ” historical sky ” in this drama. The eternally tablet of his personate, serpentine, hypocritical, persecute leading role, let a person be hated the tooth is crawlily. Good-bye Yu Hewei, be Gao Xixi edition ” the Three Kingdoms ” , namely ” new the Three Kingdoms ” , liu of Yu Hewei personate has, look at the Liu emperor father’s younger brother of the clemency in drama, I think: A so bad before person, how can the part with so kind-hearted show? See Yu Hewei the 3rd times, it is to be in ” Si Mayi of main forces division ” in, once Liu emperor father’s younger brother suddenly change one’s identity, became generation a fierce and powerful person, horizontal Shuo to endow with poetic Cao Cao. See Yu Hewei recently, it is to be in ” arousal time ” in, he acts Chen Duxiu, tell you a thing, this has been he acts Chen Duxiu the 3rd times. So detailed comes down, is the feeling very interesting? Interesting point depends on, yu Hewei is to overturn at the same time oneself, it is to repeat oneself at the same time, he is wander between two extremes, and do a job with skill and ease, this is him ” flavour of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease ” place.

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