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Original title: Fabaceous valve 8.9, grind press intelligence quotient, this burns cerebral god drama to be worth to look again Article author: Assorted Piao head sends common signal: Author of acknowledgment of Piao of Han drama angel is offerred for fabaceous valve high grade achieve content Piao to want to say formerly 2022 the first explode a homebred drama, blame ” germinant ” not belong to. ” germinant ” explode fire, also caused the masses to ” circularly ” the comment of subject matter. And before 9 years, have likewise with ” time circulates ” the divine drama that is subject matter appears. Consider back and forth today — does 9 times time travel? ? : ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Director: Jin Bingzhu playwrite: Song Zaizheng / Jin Yunzhu acts the leading role: Li Zhen gloomy / Zhao Yinxi / complete Lu Min / plum Cheng Jun head sows: 2013-03-11(Korea) volume number: 20 weak market piece long: 50 minutes this is the old drama 2013, fabaceous valve gives a mark 8.9. The 5.9 billion Han Yuan cost that make was thrown at that time, it is wired channel large-scale teleplay exceeds on the history. Be worth what carry is, the Song Zaizheng playwrite of this drama. She has written a lot of public praise pretty good and the drama of movie and TV that lets a person remember, for instance ” the High Hick that cannot hold back ” (2006) , ” benevolence the man that shows queen ” (2012) , ” W- two worlds ” (2016) wait. 20220213044015 62088bafaaa0c Li Zhen gloomy is in hero of the personate in drama is Piao Shanyu of TV station reporter, it is one is having 12 years of senior correspondents from already check. Because he always feels,have a headache, subsequently he went to a hospital making accurate inspection, him discovery contracts incurable disease personally. He thinks an elder brother of maternal resign to, just know when he finds an elder brother, the brother dies already. 20220213044016 62088bb01b4d0 Piao Shanyu’s elder brother, die in the the Himalayas. Just, trim the working personnel of hangover to his elder brother, informed to place goes before Piao Shanyu. The reason that Piao Shanyu comes here has 2, one of recapture hangover, come secondly treat a girlfriend. The girlfriend is the reporter that is a TV station together with him — Zhu Minying (Zhao Yunxi adorn) . Two people meet to kiss, back-to-back Piao Shanyu proposes to cummer. So sudden move, let a person can’t help wanting to ask him, so achieving an end is for what. Piao Shanyu is in before the elder brother is dead in the photograph, discover suddenly, there is all the time in his hand sweet. 20220213044017 62088bb1338b7 When he has a headache to break out again in the hotel, after conveniently ignited Na Genxiang, was asleep. Strange thing happened — the local the Himalayas before Piao Shanyu lies in the elder brother to die. 20220213044018 62088bb230aa6 Sweet destroyed, he ” wear ” on the bed that returns a public house. To this, piao Shanyu did not feel doubt and suspicion. He is pure think oneself appeared psychedelic, the complication that just headaches nevertheless just. 20220213044019 62088bb34c9c1 Subsequently, piao Shanyu flew back to Korea again, resumed day-to-day life work. Be in in press, piao Shanyu was made one case ” direct seeding accident ” . He suffers Dean Cui Zhenzhe that everybody respects to undertake interviewing to equipment in the do sth without authorization in direct seeding, question sagacious of next town letting Cui closely to be immersed in awkwardness for many times, it is the scandal that exposed Cui Zhenzhe in direct seeding directly more. After its happening, piao Shanyu is given to the director gave resignation, still state oneself wanted to die, pester with Cui Zhenzhe without time, hope director helps him avenge. . 20220213044020 62088bb4a1454 Get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, cui Zhenzhe is the murderer that destroyed family of eaves of plain be apt to. 20 years ago, cui Zhenzhe is incendiary the hospital that burned his father, his father was burned to die, reaved a hospital again; Mom got mental disease accordingly, the elder brother runs away from home, all defeats his place to grant. 20220213044021 62088bb547503 After returning the home, piao Shanyu has felt have a headache acutenessly. Have a headache when, ignited that then not of burn oneself out sweet. This ” pass through ” , let him began to feel doubt eventually. 20220213044022 62088bb634b31 The Piao Shanyu after passing through, still be in oneself home. It is the decoration differs only, and parents and elder brother still are done not have dead in the home, without sicken, did not run away from home. He still was regarded as by the elder brother thief, after breaking glass into pieces to plunge into the neck that entered him. And in ” wear ” after coming back, didn’t the injury of neck also disappear actually? ! 20220213044023 62088bb7e5351 Not only such, the BB machine in past home, still was brought back by him now. Piao Shanyu decided Na Genxiang has a problem, still discover oneself can be mixed in the past oneself (Piao Jiong establish is acted the role of) call. 20220213044025 62088bb9909ad Find the diary that the elder brother keeps when him, saw its merit. The elder brother is early know, can use sweet ” wear time ” in the past, and more than. The elder brother is to going the Himalayas, search forefathers to stay 9 met when the root is sweet blizzard, still do not have there’s still time to ignite sweet, died unfortunately. 20220213044027 62088bbb40d2d Subsequently, piao Shanyu can wear the Na Jiugen that answers the past for recapture sweet, set foot on the route that the elder brother once had taken. He seized the last opportunity, took 9 sweet. As if from his joyance saw oneself won’t contract incurable disease personally, father and brother won’t die. Piao Shanyu also thinks, oneself can live to old age in conjugal bliss with cummer. 20220213044028 62088bbc8f63d But what he does not know is, while the change goes, reality also can happen to change acutenessly subsequently. And of his father dead, also have very big concern with the elder brother… he next 9 time, significant really? Here crossed much theatrical work to appear no longer. 20220213044029 62088bbdf123f Look at a heat, you do not guess it completely what to can produce next. Logic is rigorous, gut stays have be concerned about. Time span 20 years, time machine is 9 sweet, it is those who save father and elder brother to pass through, discover brutal truth thereby. “The world did not pass through freely. “The world did not pass through freely.. 20220213044030 62088bbe681bd Bout returns with respect to 9.5, absolutely not just because of valve of Hu Ge beans 9.4, dare not believe this is homebred god piece it is stimulation of Song of Jing of actual person and event, whole journey is high-energy, do is this disaster big suit to be valued now most piece wait for you one case ” looking ” ? ?

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