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Original title: Chinese edition 007, hostile spy ” mutiny ” for the hero: He uses the human body of flesh and blood, wade a flourishing age Article head sends from: Heat of 3.1 curved hook sows drama ” traitor ” receive big final result, lin Nan is born to laugh then finally, as if the terminus of career of adumbrative information obtained through espionage, it is death. He ever was spy of a Kuomintang, in turbulent years, experienced light and darkness struggle, devote into the Communist Party finally. He chose light, also chose to lose: Bosom friend Zun Qiuming by enemy sliver abdomen, take away the information of get down. Zun Qiuming gets more to do not let Japanese, put the blood that does oneself with one’s own hands, brave sacrifice; Love truly Zhu Yizhen to remember the task of sheng of protective forest Nan well, in jeopardy juncture, for covering he, come out boldly holds off bullet, fall into a river finally in, life and death was not predicted. Painful lose bosom friend true love, sheng fear crosses Lin Nan, confused also over- , but in Communist party the influence falls, he understood revolutionary true meaning gradually.

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He is a traitor, but if do not betray darkness, cannot go straight towards Xiang Shuguang. He chose light. Lin Nan sheng pledges before Zun Qiuming’s grave: “I can hold on, want to be on a road only, we can meet after all ” .

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He has made the preparation that goes to dead for revolution, hide Kuomintang team, pass information for the Communist Party, although the back of the human body gets shot, the life hangs a gleam of, still pulling broken body to fulfil a mission. Can conclude in the history before, world an abyss of suffering as hell, know without the person when light comes. Give birth to such Communist like Lin Nan, is the choice that by what judges oneself right? Probably, this is ” traitor ” the solution that wants to tell us:

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Since hell is inky, that lights the human body of flesh and blood, bring up nation of an an ancient name for China two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two people, can conspire happy road. This is belief and good strength, countless sacrifice, to illume future is like bright and beautiful the land of country.

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Courageous and resolute, intelligent, serious situation is serious justice Lin Nan sheng, having true character prototype: Xiong Xianghui of Tsinghua college brilliant student, on the history most one of spies of legend.

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Xiong Xianghui is born in 1919, 17 years old take an examination of Tsinghua university Department of Chinese Language and Literature, 19 years old enter yellow Bu military school. As expression exceedingly good student is represented, xiong Xianghui is very fast by Hu Zongna settle on. Hu Zongna is Jiang Jieshi confidential, he is special admire Xiong Xianghui, recommend Xiong Xianghui to enter army officer school, one graduation becomes his confidential secretary. “Confidential secretary ” what post be? A lot of important files, had not seen even Jiang Jieshi, hu Zongna can take Xiong Xianghui to look however. Xiong Xianghui also very try to make a good showing, although be the wool head boy of a strong finish school only, never had given working error however, hu Zongna compares close son to still trust to him. Till 1943, command of Jiang interpose stone assaults south moustache an administrative unit in Xizang Yan’an, obliterate a Communist secretly. Result message does not know how leak, the Communist Party just phones Hu Zongna, scolded him. Hu Zongna is scolded muddled, sober after coming over, realize: There is a traitor in the organization. But how does he also want to be less than: This traitor is not others, it is the Xiong Xianghui that oneself send military school education with one’s own hands.

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The group photo of Premier Zhou and ursine Xiang Hui is original, it is early when Xiong Xianghui is 17 years old, be convinced by the speech of Premier Zhou, make a pledge partisan Communist Party. His hidden is too good, so that Hu Zongna suspected beside everybody, did not suspect him namely. Xiong Xianghui writes in the autobiography: Infiltrate before Kuomintang is in-house, zhou En will send his 8 words ” do not enter dangerous place, yan Dehu child ” . Pass information to give the Communist Party, xiong Xianghui writes the letter like model of two front cover at the same time, in two places deliver, delivered so full 12 years, was not discovered by anybody.

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After new 1949 China establishs Xiong Xianghui, xiong Xianghui holds the position of the vice director that news of Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages, this year, his secret service capacity is official exposure, shocked everyone. Xiong Xianghui became secret service people vivid legend, work in the same place even the Kuomintang previously, can see on a special trip have a look at him. The person of cherish cardinal principles of righteousness, unripe regard as an outstanding personality, also be ghost hero to death. He this can rapidly go up in the world, but he chooses battalion of take root enemy however, deal with in jackal tiger leopard, go up to save only 10 thousand life. Know on somebody asks: Why to found a state the person that initial stage is born, have a kind of undaunted mind? An answer is: Because these people have belief. They are very much the person is not poor people, can carry teacup dawdle greatly. Can face oneself country, oneself ten million brethren, in still be in spirit of an abyss of suffering, the people’s livelihood to utter misery, they wish to smash a teacup, carry a cartridge, go straight towards battlefield continuously. Dauntless, altruistic, devotional. . . . . . These are their rays, although their flesh body meets his death, also shining as before hundred years after we.

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1924, li Dazhao the speech of a paragraph of impassioned, reproduce a world to go up with the means of video.

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This paragraph does not have audio video, take us to return 80 old before in September. It is Chu Qiuwei’s cool season originally, because the proletariat strives for free hot-blooded spirit, a little glowing and boiling. In video, li Dazhao brows is small knit, the eyes certainly. He is crying out pressingly: Chinese proletariat can gain freedom and independence certainly! Proletarian banzai! We do not hear voice, but our feeling is the same as experience.

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1919, li Dazhao’s leader initiates May 4th movement of 1919, to rescue the student that be arrested, he and Chen Duxiu discuss found a party. Chen Duxiu incoming letter asks him: Whether should call a Socialist Party? Li Dazhao writes back certainly: Call the Communist Party! After 8 years, li Dazhao is captured by enemy, he was experienced in jail pare the cruel torture such as fingernail, when torture field, 10 point to blood dripping wet, not was in all over in good condition; But his mouth lock, do not agree to tell a truth. Encourage greatly for humiliate plum, warlord used ” 3 gallows law ” : Full 40 minutes, let Li Dazhao bear the anguish of the oldest rate, they want to see him weep bitterly the about of beg for mercy. But the one side with ugly human nature, in true undaunted before nowhere escape goes. Li Dazhao died, 3 admonition stay before on one’s deathbed: Do not want to review, do not hesitate, go to straight before! The people inheritance later this word, they are certain: Only puny person stood up, this country just is to stand up really; Only the country stood up really, her people just can be respected truly. Nation of comatose of a delicate in health, be butcher’s knife of the bandit outside be not being blocked, must somebody stands, sacrifice oneself is taken justice, wake up more peoples, ability saves a nation at jeopardy!

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Psychology seeks advice have an adage: Altruistic essence is hoggish, altruistic it is the bravest selfishness. Do seek advice old, my cure heals other, also be in at the same time be healed by other cure. The person that an adolescent of 17 years old calls in, deep-set and depressed anguish, can seek advice to be able to send one’s respects to me every time: How do you do? Are you happy? When wanting to commit suicide every time, he folds 1000 paper crane. After advisory end, he sends me paper crane entirely, wish I am healthy, everything flexibly. I feel the warm desire that remembers to the end of my life to, “Altruistic ” the professional personal integrity that is advisory division, can some of person ases if to have altruistic gene natively, even if heart is icebound 10 thousand lis, still light a lamp enlighten other.

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July 1 decoration promulgates award ceremonially, president Zhang Guimei is being supported sb with hand receive award, she helps countless girls walk out of big hill, fervent ground says when the speech: “Still should have only at a heat, I am about to stand on dais! Bend does his best, consecratory and all, 9 dead Yi Mohui! ” the girls that had been helped by Zhang Guimei, be stranded no longer in Yu Dashan, can choose way of life freely: Police, entrepreneur, scientist… but comparative one part girl, chose to become a teacher. They long to resemble Zhang Guimei same, will altruistic spirit transfers next generation people. As torch, although one bundle goes out, also somebody illumes another bundle, spark always is passed. 1927, 1928, old delay year of sacrifice, old die a martyr of Qiao Nianying brave, year only many years old 20. Before on one’s deathbed, old Qiao Nian keeps a word: Let our descendants, the happiness that enjoys forefathers break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties! This year tomb-sweeping day, the grave garden of Chen brother is flower gift completely, a lot of people looked ” arousal time ” just know them. TV is sowed, they were not forgotten.

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(graph source netizen) grave garden seat ” Qiao Yan road ” , it is at ” busy main street ” , what their be most willing to is later generations is flourishing pave a road, make us OK how be enjoyed satisfied.

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Fall in the person of matutinal eve, closed an eye forever. I hope they can see more: The China nowadays, the science and technology that has front not only, top opportunity for combat, convenient traffic, safe environment. . . . . . Our the Five-Star Red Flag, already OK and free land is glaring on the land of our country, we already national rich force is powerful, life happiness is in good health, won’t have one again dare, can, bully, oppressive, bondage we! Because gules giant has come, let us see light; Because we had seen light, bright lasting and eternal.

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Now is found a party 100 years, shock of have one’s bosom filled with and deep feeling, melt into recall to martyr. The past of the motherland, on their shoulder, they do not have disappoint; And the future of the motherland, now inheritance we each person went up personally. The a bit tries hard, eventually many a little makes a mickle, point to better future! – END-

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