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Original title: Do not say good-bye: Mu Qing and other woman ” ambiguous ” , ou Kexin jealous, the play in this play is wonderful ” do not say good-bye ” by Ren Jialun, zhang Jun Ning acts the leading role. Broadcasting in double platform at present. At the beginning the heat public praise of this drama has not fermented, be in almost below the case that 0 announce send, still suffer one ” entire network ridicule ” , spit groove this drama is to wrapping around the idol play of arrest poisonous appearance. Although the audience is done not have tardy,wait come clue of God of so called love, but meaning tegument is high-energy, the gut that covers a region instead is attracted. Good public praise ferments continuously, ” do not say good-bye ” eventually recumbent acting and gut, show itself in the teleplay of the near future.

20220213044345 62088c81e51b7

Men and women advocate Mu Qing and Europe Ke Xinshuang lie bottom, give aid to each other, start a career together, , it is associate of the real situation is forced to become false sweethearts however obviously, such story not at all only beautiful romance, much instead a few minutes of sadness. Mu Qing does not admit to give Oukexin, do not know she is her fiancee, he is to her manner so keep sb at an arm’s length, when he sees Oukexin remembers fiancee, he can want to escape only. And Oukexin, her feeling is complex. On one hand she is conceivable Mu Qing’s love, however lose Mu Qing forgot Rong Yu. On the other hand she hopes Mu Qing can remember Rong Yu all the time, want to get Mu Qing’s love again however.

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Her feeling is very mixed, very kink. But anyway, from her casual eyes, limbs lay a finger on and jealous can see, no matter be Liu Yuanwen or Mu Qing, ou Kexin never has stopped to love him. The gut recently is mentioned, of a variety of oolong tea get offline Lynda appears, regard Mu Qing as 3 woman students that had helped twice, although she is a castle that group of a variety of oolong tea will come how be beside Mu Qing, with will destroy Oukexin and the feeling between solemn blueness. The purpose of the general a variety of oolong tea Mu Qing him income is mixed finally self. Mu Qing and Oukexin saw of course, but they decide to cooperate a variety of oolong tea, perform the play in a play.

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Be this goes out ” the play in play ” , rangoukexin is enraged within an inch of became drily one altar is age old vinegar. Come to an agreement or understanding the manufacturing chain that Mu Qing just uses Lynda to dig taphole avalokitesvara backside, hypocrisy and Lynda are ambiguous. Two people pull a hand aboveboard not only, be in even communal circumstance, lynda embraces Mu Qing actively, profession worry. There can be your place forever in my heart. This one act happens to be seen by Oukexin. Perhaps say, this one screen also has been designed ahead of schedule, she does not look to also must see.

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According to the play that has designed, ou Kexin is this jealous, run back to father home next, with Mu Qing cold war. But, see that momently, ou Kexin’s true jealous. The boy friend that who can bear oneself and other schoolgirl kiss me in person before her face I? Although say this is to act in a play on Mu Qing mouth, but for the angle from a woman, act in a play is accomplished so true, the real situation of how many part is in.

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Hard to avoid meets Ou Kexin to think more, that momently she is the hair life from the heart, be mocked by unwitting Mu Qing however, does play act so really? Enrage Oukexin is directly begin jab the place that he gets hurt, occasion for a short while comical feel Mu Qing is a little pitiful again. Sacrificed obviously ” hue ” , made enrol the United States male plan, do not get good however, still endured Oukexin supercilious look.

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This one act, bringing thick black humour, sweethearts of disguise oneself as of associate of the real situation, cannot admit, also do not have even jealous footing. Must say, ou Kexin is the woman with a powerful heart, even if there still is Mu Qing in the heart, but she still can be digested very well. Meet only of dark jab jab in act in a play, abreacting the dissatisfaction of own heart. And won’t because of individual feeling, affect their job, return the little sentiment that can borrow oneself even, the trick is pushed to another height.

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The gut of a few collect is too wonderful recently, especially after a variety of oolong tea and Lynda enter the court formally, the firm severe of a variety of oolong tea, hide a dagger in a smile looks so that the person shudders, the woman role with such hot firm, look the person is continuously to breathe out satisfy a craving. Everybody is in play, acting this part that act, see the person says person word, absurd says lie. Which is true, which is false, look so that the person puzzled. Gut makes fun of in such play, not only fascinating, still left countless question mark in the heart.

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More expect ” do not say good-bye ” next gut. Anything that misleads people is heavy, gut burns a brain, the cerebral capacity that feels oneself was used not quite. Hope next gut can attract more audiences, public praise is better and better, because this is a good theatrical work that makes attentively really! See the near future ” not be good-bye ” , do you feel the clue has attract you? In the comment the area interacts leave a message!

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