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Original title: This housewife is off the rails drama, thing having a place Days contributor | Keluolireqiezan is beautiful popular culture. The day theatrical work of no-no subject matter, we already common occurance. It is no matter ” day colour ” the housewife that takes internal heat is off the rails, or ” virtuous person love ” arisen ” small wolfhound ” upsurge, look much it seems that besides stunt, do not have special place again. One when should say today is in sow new theatrical work, ” 40 sparrow ” (interpret ” begin 40 years old ” ) . Those who tell is one firm full housewife of 40 years old, with the extramarital affair of 22 years old of teenagers. 20220213044335 62088c7760a79 At first sight, it is a housewife off the rails love union to rise with year, under back heart, spill the blood that nod a dog. But character of place of the actor’s lines in drama of no less than: “Set have what concern! ” , the audience likes to go, besides every year Adonis is rare lack resource, “The oasis that no matter be in,what time is the heart ” ah! 20220213044335 62088c77f3e95 Chase after now, ” 40 sparrow ” plant this accidentally again the clue of convention, took deepness and new idea. This profit from hold guide the female director of this drama — big 9 pine torch. The film directs her of one’s previous experience, relatively the person’s hep work is ” final illusion girl ” , because the heroine of personate of actor of Song Gang Mo is abandon all the time in the illusion in oneself, carry mother embryo from beginning to end lone, till discovery old dark love an object and wish as place. Below the surface of truelove film, exploring actually young woman is bemused to amative essence. 20220213044337 62088c796f41c ” 40 sparrow ” also be such, just tease a person no longer with no-no label, however the psychology of thorough heroine, expressive Japan female loses language and difficult position mediumly in family and duty field. It gives the first sense of the person, more resemble a suspense piece. Heroine continous be linked together is borne, it is a not popular caricaturist, hold part-time at the same time housewife one duty. The man is older than her age round, the old man creed that is a tradition person, can ground of one is assured and bold with justice speaks: “The man is off the rails with the woman off the rails it is two things ” . 20220213044337 62088c79eb844 The caricature career that bear, look pure in the husband belong to libertinism, never had seen her work. He still is in bear after bearing, feed difficult period of the child, had had a paragraph of off the rails experience. 20220213044339 62088c7b382de Bear all pair of hearts to know abdomen bright, but still chose to bear. Why? Agree the predicament of Japanese female without prior consultation rear, they suffer discrimination fully on total on-the-job field, marriage often is the job that can guarantee the life most, and once walk along marriage, become housewife, obtain independent capability very hard again. Bear young the caricature when has been been the same as become a single close mother later, can rely on to hit chore hardship to maintain bread only. 20220213044340 62088c7cdc924 Because of this housewife people it is experience no matter the husband is off the rails still be hit to press, often can choose ” can excuse excuse ” . The problem also was caused at the same time. There is a very popular website between Japanese housewife, cry ” husband goes dead ” , they can send post sincerity to curse their husband, housewife people depressive psychology is OK infer. 20220213044342 62088c7e7a209 Bear mix these housewife are same, lost to feeling of husband and wife expect, resemble a tool person general, acting an eligible mother and wife, carrying a pair of mask forever. But now and then, she true can fall in this mask again show disturb spinal. ” 40 sparrow ” need not actor’s lines gives continuously, carry the scene like film language however, deduced the disgust that endures lives of pair of husband and wife. Bring oneself happy ring in former days, just manacling oneself cage at the moment, the fast changeover of two setting camera lens, accentuated this kind of choking feeling. 20220213044343 62088c7f2d988 Female advocate a few close-up advance camera lens, also appear ghost gas dense, one kind can molder at any time, black the risky move that change. 20220213044343 62088c7fc9ad8 In hero a thousand years of every year Adonis tangerine comes on the stage hind, the colour of suspense Jing Song of this drama more on one, maintained achieve of gentle firm of hypocritical family firm to remove a paragraph of cacophony to this. 20220213044344 62088c804dfc6 Everything is such happening — the caricature of off the rails subject matter that bears early New Year picture, accident on the network fire rise. She gets drawing serial opportunity again accordingly, creative work is new not Lun Man draws serialize. 20220213044345 62088c8169f29 In those days with the husband off the rails for chance, the picture removed off the rails caricature to bear need to begin his cartoon work in the home, and recruit assistant comes help, the teenager that comes round to apply for is tangerine a thousand years. Tangerine appearance is lovely babyish, but disclosing a kind of dangerous breath, identity setting and behavior motive are mystery group. 20220213044347 62088c83786e7 20220213044349 62088c85839cf He is being taken it seems that ” destroy this family ” purpose and come, show an intense aggression sex to the family that bear at the beginning, also appear accordingly a lot of eerie renown scene. The first day when just came for instance, resemble host helping in the home that bear commonly cook, share dinner together with her family next. The husband felt unwell, do not forget to announce oneself dominion on table, not hesitate to debase oneself wife before other people, and tangerine is in however provoke kind of ground to safeguard bear. 20220213044351 62088c87ba21d Tangerine and bear sit aside, ” a group of people of same interest is contrary ” just mixed apparently bear work together, be in be like have be like tease her without the ground, the opportunity that production close quarters contacts. Right now tangerine, to bearing for, brought fresh, the sexual excitement of minim, the caricature that can be her even provides creation inspiration. 20220213044353 62088c89b568a Bearing the reaction to this is a bit glad, still can accuse in her at least enjoy inside limits ambiguous. She begins to unplug white hair silently, choice and tangerine spend 40 years old of birthday together, before going out, do not forget serious ground dresses up oneself. 20220213044355 62088c8b3a296 Result, tangerine is bold aggression, when two people meet under the counter, make more direct gender suggestion. This lets bear the tangerine since suspicion to near his end. After all she just went up the Oubasang of age, tangerine is the age that can become him son, think those who come to feel this dusk is loved a bit unusual. 20220213044356 62088c8c820fd 20220213044357 62088c8d50c3a Then she dogs secretly tangerine, discover the husband accidentally in those days off the rails object, it is the mother of tangerine. Bear from this bold speculation, tangerine is marital illegitimate child, two people are to close partner will make fun of oneself. 20220213044357 62088c8db00b0 If develop according to this gut, this drama manages very quickly to make fun of greatly with respect to can slippery Xiang Lun. ” 40 sparrow ” clear sign is absent this, tangerine concerns with what bear, have more thorough undertake. Later tangerine to bear candidly, his mother is mixed really the husband that bear is off the rails over- , but the child that oneself are not them. Oneself mother is a carefree person, always can take all sorts of men to come home, close him in the cubby next…20220213044358 62088c8ec8c61 Year young tangerine him need takes care of him, take care of a mother, plant because of some even chance, begin and hand in than oneself old female people pull by hand, make money with this. 20220213044400 62088c900b9b0 He wants to destroy the family that bear at first, make to these hypocritical adult avenge. He is furious bear know the husband is in obviously off the rails, still can maintain relationship of normal husband and wife however. 20220213044401 62088c91215f6 But in getting along with what bear, tangerine discovers the caricature that once saved atone for to cross his in darkness again, bear a picture just about. He begins to saw the housewife that is like affectation produce feeling to this, want to escape from inside hypocritical adult society together with her come out. The encountering of two people also gradually from avenge change to become save atone for each other. Such looking the person of tangerine is set very belt feeling, beautiful miserable a bit ill still charming. 20220213044402 62088c9276891 But ” 40 sparrow ” centre of gravity still is on heroine body, this also is the special place of this drama, off the rails housewife is the libidinal symbol of together of a thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind making a person no longer, however a true, danger, woman that is having him idea. A paragraph of very interesting gut, bear by tangerine temptation later, aroused a desire. That evening, she regards the husband as person of a tool, the edge is imagining tangerine, edge and husband drive. In play of this paragraph of bed, bear the person that became absolutely dominant, still meet the man with palm slap ceaseless word, make the husband special astonishment. The husband is become bear the weight of the household utensils of wife desire, this sexual love also means two people apparently relation begins reverse. 20220213044403 62088c93dbbf4 Bear this part to also become because of this play particularly stereo. No matter be now the marriage of backwater, or later as off the rails as Adonis, we can see a passivity is become virtuous the female of wife fine mother, the person that become the dominant in bisexual relation gradually, face oneself desire maturely. Although tangerine is experienced quite much, but intelligence is not mature, because temporarily impulse is about to elope, and bear, the more that considers is actualer, the love that bears to this paragraph is more serious and dinkum. 20220213044404 62088c949c447 Be worth what carry is, this drama is the mode that a few directors film jointly, in the content that broadcasts at present, the director of before 3 collect is big 9 pine torch, 449 collect turned male director into Cheng Laipeng one. Be spat greatly the 4th collect of groove, the actor’s lines of the part and contradiction become very crude and direct, include tangerine and bear within an inch of be gotten on by force molder gut. 20220213044405 62088c95cbbfd When so the audience is looking, also can one kind cuts apart delicately feeling, before 3 collect model an insecurity to strange and changeful, the mood that dark current changes, arrived the 4th the 5th collect becomes convention having a place and dog blood, camera lens language also became common day theatrical work. Another good news is, ” 40 sparrow ” second half still is for the most part by big 9 pine torch hold guide, still be worth to expect. We also must say, female director films off the rails drama can bring different perspective really, what use pure situation at least is enchanted replaced dinkum seek novelty. 20220213044407 62088c97346c7 [days activity] ~ holds mound glacial mound in the arms quickly come home! ~ downloads days net APP, participate in community topic activity, share the winter that you like most this year abstruse project or athlete, will organic meeting wins cluster glacial mound! Sweep code or stamp language minor details ” textual link ” can you participate in an activity? ? – END- Spring Festival is over too, new in Feburary piece still have a surprise? Wei Xiang, it is actual edition ” comedic king “

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