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Original title: Successive many days of bully a list of names posted up! Xiao Zhanxin drama ” that sea in the dream ” did not sow first fire Xiao Zhanxin work ” that sea in the dream ” since Guan Xuan successive many days of bully a list of names posted up, this can be vermicelli made from bean starch not just is orgiastic, or ” that sea in the dream ” this drama is able to bear or endure dozen, add what resemble battle when red actor is add hold, had been destined ” that sea in the dream ” did not sow first fire!

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Xiao Zhan takes flow oneself originally, plus ” ace army ” just be over, the acting that is like battle to use face-lifting level will ” Gu Yiye ” this part performs work, also harvested many new vermicelli made from bean starch, this upsurge returns Gu Yiye to did not go, direct Guan Xuan new theatrical work of Xiao Zhan ” that sea in the dream ” , this heat cans be imagined. Successive many days of bully a list of names posted up ” wait for a list of names posted up of index of the boom that sow drama ” head of a list of names posted up, the individual that resemble battle to ” that sea in the dream ” the contributive watch of this drama was to achieve 78% , it is peerless that this success can not say, also be rare. ” that sea in the dream ” so powerful attention is spent, if some people are returned can Xiao Zhan of compose a quarrel is irrespective, that can explain you can see ophthalmology only.

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Xiao Zhan serves as walking top class discharge, pardonable also be in ” jade bone Yao ” after killing blueness, drew so much cake to Xiao Zhan, have early or late break up take theatrical work ” scorching sun is like me ” , fashionable dress drama ” 20 not be puzzled ” wait for a lot of drama to give off a message to do business, say the main actor is Xiao Zhan solemnly. Not be to say ” scorching sun is like me ” and ” 20 not be puzzled ” the play is bad. Had said in front ” scorching sun is like me ” this kind turns over the Xiao Zhan that take theatrical work won’t be received, want to believe eye of Xiao Zhan that picks a play.

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” that sea in the dream ” gut theme is vivid emersion youth of 70 time Beijing young, sunshine up spiritual outlook, for the word that takes Cctv teleplay to release: ” that sea in the dream ” it is to record growing tale of youth of 70 time Beijing, namely time piece. Placard of a piece of canvas in Guan Wei, far is the old Beijing a tower over a city gate of lofty, vicinity is 3 youths men and women skate on frozen lake hand in hand, the picture of guileless gives a person the kind sense of a kind of senile picture, so the quality of work or blame often have safeguard.

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Act the leading role from Xiao Zhan again ” Xiao Chunsheng ” in light of, do not know everybody sees ” Xiao Chunsheng ” what does this name have to feel? I see the name of this part, emerge in brain is a Tang poetry: “Wild baked wheaten cake is endless, spring breeze is blown be born again ” , this was destined of leading role uncommon the place of the free and easy with gut, “Xiao Chunsheng ” is this individual for be revolt is returned for ambition? Gut is worth to expect!

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Xiao Zhangang just had modelled years theatrical work ” ace army ” Gu Yiye one horn, body appearance Ying Tingxiu unplugs do not say, the firm and persistent ray in the eye gives prize all the more. This Xiaochun gives birth to government-owned announce placard to release, of time gentle feeling come with years feeling blow on the face, I very expect to had experienced years theatrical work and modern drama ” the dream that is like a dream ” baptismal Xiao Zhan, will bring me what kind of surprise!

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Reader friends: Wild baked wheaten cake is endless, spring breeze is blown be born again, let the Xiao Zhan that we expect to Wang Zhe returns together! Expect to be like what Xiaochun of another classical part gives birth to battle to be born! [the picture comes from a network, update recreational information everyday] PS: Achieve formerly not easy, by current limliting, adjure you to bolt 3 even, attention nods assist to comment on ~

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