Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Ni Dagong of old show bone laughs, into netizen of classical camera lens: Did not see laugh This drama has been held out to be able to be fire before, and refresh everybody’s a lot of righter question had more knowledge. This drama reflected a lot of real problems, brought people deep reflection and reaction. Also take internal heat at the same time a few actors, the excellent performance of these actors draws a netizen cheer. Especially in drama revive big gun laughs at a camera lens of field, make everybody straight breathe out clever.

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The act person of the Shu Dajiang in drama is Ni Dagong. He the form of this old man seems a gun of the soda in drama elephantine incisively and vividly. In drama, this father is very a father that likes to look for a job. Because the home is medium,husband or wife squelchs in electric moment Su Dajiang, so he is first in drama very obsequious, but after husband or wife goes, he rectifies an individual to seemed to change same.

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The children that begins oneself people look for a thing to do. But do not do a thing again in the moment of truth, like have nothing to do to seek a thing most, add inflammatory details to. Let a lot of people look, find life again, feel again comical. Although this part drew very much fling abuses and controversy, but also really must boast the acting of Ni Dagong, he Su Dajiang the lifelike of personate of this figure figure. And what still a camera lens can say to face a play also is to have a hotspot so.

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In a camera lens that should sell a house with father in the daughter-in-law of the old. Field of Su Dajiang laugh, guo Jingfei forestry centre. Developed two people to come again an extemporaneous performance, director also this paragraph the word was cut go in a lot of netizens breathe out greatly satisfy a craving. Laugh at that Duan Yecheng of field classical part, you have observe this is which camera lens carefully.

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