Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: The Liu Bo of broom star acts 14 years ago, nowadays 52 years old, it is everybody memory unexpectedly in hard the male god of dismiss from one’s mind The work in circle of movie and TV emerges in endlessly, and in the memory in everybody, always have a few hard the film of dismiss from one’s mind. Whether do you still remember then ” overjoyed 7 fairy ” this teleplay? In his memory in everybody keep long time, and this film distance also has had time of 14 years now, even if such, already made everybody frame of mind in cannot intersected exists.

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Be in ” overjoyed 7 fairy ” in this film, fairy people it is leading role, their everybody is exceedingly beautiful sex appeal, very the role that gives prize, temperature is quite high. And this part that tells about with everybody today is in the value in film is likewise great tall, the existence ability that is it lets a clue become quite more complete, more free and easy rises and fall, he is the broom star in work.

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With other fairy people Qing Chunjing beautiful look look is compared, broom star denounces person be disgusted with quite, his modelling in gut is exceeding Lei Ren, the hair is mixed and disorderly. And the skin still is drawn darkly dark, the appearance of an actor is exceedingly deformed. To the actor, can sacrifice oneself figure exceeds perform such role, it is a not small challenge indeed.

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This part is in broom star is a very distinctive existence in film, everybody has the immortal very much sense of justice. But broom star is a flings caution to the winds for him interest person however, he wants to prove his existence to everybody, go and seek refuge with sb of be obsessed ground the king of corrode of shade of great villain in drama in film. But the elapse as time, his discovery does this thing to violate his first heart. Also made not little effort in the process that struggles with villain in drama after that, it is wash the fault before oneself.

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Must say, it is very deep that this part gives broom star the impression that everybody leaves, and he can depend on a part by everybody engrave 14 years long, its acting is extraordinary it is thus clear that. The character of this part calls personate broom star Liu Bo. Same he also is special the star that gives prize, in ” overjoyed 7 fairy ” go out in this film perform broom star. And also had had in other movie show wonderfully, but from beginning to end have not has broom bit this part is provoking attention.

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When his discharge makeup after putting on business suit, let factitious exclaim indeed, have not thinks of, he is a so handsome male god unexpectedly. And Liu Bo now already 52 years old, he present is the character of level of a male god, everybody says not to look completely to give Mr. Liu Bo’s actual age state, his can says is to go against growth existence. To the character of level of such a male god, what does everybody’s understanding have? Come lower part comments on communication.

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