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Original title: Be worthy of is ” drama king ” , one market opens branch 9.8 Han drama the force with which sth breaks out is roaring first half of the year. Have before ” pry ” ” an eccentric person ” burn a head to invert, have after ” be like butterfly elegant ” ” I am hangover arranges division ” tear earning a person. Although bead jade is advanced, audience taste already was raised sly. Have a theatrical work like that one is sowed, achieved the freeboard viewing rate of 10.07% . Those who break teleplay of past dynasties of Korea TvN TV station head sow a record. Head sow one collect, fabaceous valve opens branch 9.8! Of be worthy of the name ” drama king ” regression — ” does quick-witted doctor live ” the 2nd season? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2

20220213044533 62088cedd5450

This drama, believe the friend that often seeks theatrical work has hear of early. The first season that broadcasted last year is hit by 160 thousand audience the fabaceous valve grading of 9.5. The director of backside, playwrite has interest greatly more, make valve giving a beans jointly TOP1 of a list of names posted up of classical Han drama — ” reply please 1988 ” . It is likewise 4 male one female group resemble a story, but unlike ” 1988 ” youth old dream, doctors already the person arrives middleaged.

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5 people took the place of to issue immortal friendship with respect to the knot from great period, already all became the person above average in respective domain nowadays. “Ghost cure ” Cai Songhua, neurosurgery associate professor. “Learn bully ” Li Yijun, assistant teachs courage pancreas surgery. “Xiu Xianfu 2 generation ” An Zhengyuan, assistant teachs children surgical department. “Poisonous tongue ” Jin Jun Guan, pectoral surgery associate professor. “Mom treasure male ” Yang Shuoheng, assistant of department of gynaecology and obstetrics is taught.

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In the first season, the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist of brotherly sister all All Souls’Day. An Zhengyuan becomes the exclusive person selected that hospital great undertaking accedes in maternal heart. However, we this rich 2 generation, be oblivious of the outside world, of one mind is read-only book of sages and men of virtue. Age thes word of mortals with respect to see through gently, every time the operation winds a day feebly, wear with respect to shout should become with the elder brother Abba.

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Before before leaving, an Zhengyuan also has been arranged ” funeral affairs ” . good friends all calls together oneself hospital to go to work, help a person at jeopardy. oneself ” long leg uncle ” private foundation gives good friend Cai Songhua, it is difficult to continue to discharge care to solve for the patient. Just when he prepares brandish one brandish sleeve, do not take away one cloudlet colour when, a girl — day of resident Zhang Dong, suddenly rushs into the line of sight, turned round An Zhengyuan’s wish.

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This Jiyi begin, two people were performed ” you love me, I love you, sweetness of city of sweet snow ice is sweet ” what abrupt prevents not as good as is sweet. than below, other a few good friends are done not have so lucky. Two-way dark the Li Yijun that loved 20 years and Cai Songhua, on one season is last eventually be free sits to have a meal together alone in the late night. Lamplight faint, the sincere feeling is born gradually, atmosphere is in kind with close in hold properly.

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After the event, li Yijun also eventually abduct is worn the turn professioned intention. Think two people can cut the travel before ice steps billow formerly, did not think of the 2nd season is returned to, director with respect to tear the pipe dream of CP pink. Cai Songhua chooses a decline. Meanwhile, cupid’s arrow comes over secretly —

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Disease has family member settle on Doctor Cai, should introduce two people to meet understanding. Final it is old person the road to happiness full of hardships, still be new personality the latercomers surpass the formers, we move good platelet bench first simply. Jin Jun Guan is in the first season spirit away Li Yijun’s little sister, two people are carrying an elder brother on the back to go out double into right, strong feeling sweet meaning. Like that, little sister of the 2nd season flew to London.

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In former days sweetness as happy married couple reduce exotic sweethearts, suffer the pain of time difference and lovesickness. Across, yang Shuoheng criterion peach blossom explodes canopy. Resident of at hand of the first season does not beg response ground to express white true intention, regression of ex-wife of the 2nd season launchs tender offensive. But our company fears Doctor Yang appearing not quite care about. There has been marriage of a paragraph of failure before this after all, do not know to want to cross wall of a few centre of gravity, ability harvests sunshine again.

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Said the emotional trend of a few leading role, we still talk about drama anthology itself. In the instantly that whole world of new coronal epidemic situation spreads, medical treatment drama appears more add an artistic conception. The hospital that person bearer goes to, in file and the patient that enter, doctors everyday busy, good not easy be free finishs a morning shift or when rest.

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However somebody has not walked out of hospital doorway, be made work overtime by the colleague; Somebody drives outskirts, just built good bivouac tent, be about to pull down hit a your home; Somebody by son mischief, head card sees examine to the hospital in helmet, result as it happens is stayed in by capture go into battle became field operation to the patient. These realistically ” but ” daily, also make us right doctor more added devoir and pity.

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Say the movie and TV of material of medical treatment drama, the audience is read already roll countless, be like,there is no lack of among them ” a person of extraordinary powers this doctor ” ” intern case bud ” ” fine hand benevolence heart ” etc classical. But these work are existing mostly following general character: Leading role often connate different report, it is the medical wonder that assume solves difficulty miscellaneous disease. Story clue trend also contains those who order suspense explore case to invert quite, exciting.

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” aircraft medical service ” do exactly the opposite however, brutal and real ground tells you: Ailment is fugacious, popular feeling is not ancient, the doctor is very much moment is helpless also. Go smoothly of fatso poplar large encounters 38 years old of pregnant woman of a habitual abortion. Pregnant woman is pregnant 19 Zhou Shi, amniotic fluid burst, the doctor decides all up that protect a fetus, proposal induced labor. But pregnant woman 3 tube, all previous classics is hard, how to agree to abandon at this point?

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Be informed Yang Shuoheng to ever was be pregnant operation of success of 18 weeks of puerperas, in be an abdomen hard fetal get last line lease of life. Although know very well the issue is thorny, yang Shuoheng still is willing venture. After endeavoring by every means, the miracle did not happen after all, pregnant woman still holds regret in the arms and return. Yang Shuoheng is a patient ” sad its are unfortunate ” while, li Junyi criterion ” anger its are not contended for ” .

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Long-term excessive drinking causes uncle hepatic problem, two operations, big daughter, 2 daughters give precious liver cause respectively. The Li Junyi when further consultation with a doctor discovers uncle dead sex does not change awesomely, the health that does not take oneself and daughters, life should return a responsibility. Face so obstinate patient, li Junyi is helpless the choice rejects make a house call. The setting sun falls on the west, two doctors happen to coincide outside sitting to the courtyard, be anxious.

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One person does not know how to comfort a patient, one person does not want to go again ward sees ailment is tormented. “Unripe with dead, get the better of with negative, hope and despair, these condition have a gleam of only lie between. ” accept ailment fugacious, it is a patient not only, also be the one tax that every doctor must want to learn. Although do not resist actual brutality, but ” aircraft medical service ” most those who let a person touch is, in these but with anguish under, including human nature the warmest consideration is genial meaning.

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There are such episodes in drama, a mother, do not treat due to illness in daughter of 3 years old after dying, often still head for a hospital. Nurses suspect, the intention of backside of act of this mother abnormality is collect evidence, find out hospital careless omission, win compensation. But An Zhengyuan has different view however.

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The child is hit be born to die to be waited for all the time almost in ward, kin friend contact is original very few. As time elapse, everybody also forgot this matter gradually. So the woman can seek the daughter’s sign only to the hospital. As the child advocate after listening of knife operation piece winter, special take out time, ask a woman to drink coffee to chat together.

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The woman is touched unceasingly, straight-out also oneself head for a hospital again and again, because meet every time,be, doctor nurses still call her ” beautiful rain mom ” . Similar humanitarian consideration cans be found everywhere in drama. Li Junyi fears the child is annual what the Children’s Festival can remember father is dead, excise the heart then before dawn of operation remit to after 12 o’clock.

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Cai Songhua to take care of posterity experience, reject to be in what media accepts alone after the operation succeeds to interview. More do not carry all sorts of warmth between 5 main actors daily. The director says when be being interviewed, he thinks fictile lead group is, let a person see have ” ah, my it may not be a bad idea wants to be in that group of people ” idea. The audience that he hopes to had seen his play is OK ” the person with be become a bit nicer ” .

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This kind of idea filters each theatrical work in the director in, probably too cross dream and ideal, but the choice that this directs namely, also be ” aircraft medical service ” successful place. The film ” miraculous boy ” a word and this happens to have the same view: When You Have To Choose Between What Is Right And What Is Kind, choose Kind. Encourage with gentleman.

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