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Original title: 87 edition ” red building ” Gu Baoyu the first person selected, break because of height regret male advocate, new theatrical work he performs pa to Cheng Xiao Cheng Xiao and the theatrical work of hot-blooded report contest that make triumphant main actor ” when you smile very beautiful ” , be in the where the wind and the waves are highest of public opinion all the time recently, because borrowed,stalk of be in harmony is boycotted by the whole people, the public praise of this drama is to drop again, also did not leave the impression with good what then in the audience up to now. Actually the movie and TV of electric contest subject matter suffers numerous opposite for it is more extensive, of Yang Yang ” full-time ace ” with Yang Zi ” dear, have deep love for ” all obtained right result, of Lu Han ” pass through live wire ” echo also is to exceed anticipate, visible masses to electric contest this one subject matter is favored quite.

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” when you smile very beautiful ” if because be in harmony straightens,not be, offended popular is patient bottom line, probably nowadays also won’t be such achievement, regrettablly the costar battle array with this drama dye-in-the-wood window, new old actor is battalion severally, the green beans that achieve love is assembled in, spell acting with screen, and although show share is not much,Hou of old show bone grows flourish and Yang Mingna, but acting lets a person feel dependable and comfortable however.

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Hou of old show bone grows the work of flourish near future, basically be the role that performing father, do not know from when to rise, he became father specialist, from ” Dou Ting is good ” in 2 elder brother’s wife ” Zhu Li ” father, to ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” in ” 11 women ” father, arrive to be being sowed again ” when you smile very beautiful ” in ” Tong Yao ” father, arrive from contemporary theatrical work ancient costume, this once ” red building the first beauty male ” , also arrived to be able to perform father’s age only.

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But although from ” red building the first beauty male ” became ” national farther-in-law ” , hou Changrong of 61 years old has the temperament of kind of gentle adn cultivated as before on the body, before can seeing 34 years dimly ” Liu Xianglian ” shadow. Of 87 edition ” red Lou Meng ” in can be a times to remember classical, although later have denounce gigantic endowment filmed new edition ” red building ” , cannot surmount 87 edition as before the position in audience heart. Europe in relief act vigorously is strong ” Gu Baoyu ” , of Chen Xiaoxu ” Lin Daiyu ” , and of Deng Jie ” Wang Xifeng ” , of Hou Changrong ” Liu Xianglian, every part in drama personality is distinct, also left deep impression to the audience.

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And because work is extensive,suffer reputably, the one numerous main actor in drama got more and more attention, especially Europe Yang Fenjiang and Chen Xiaoxu, these two people perform work simply ” Bao Yu ” with ” black jade ” , because special existence is in audience heart, so later meaning of Chen Xiaoxu in dying to just can make masses heart is made the same score hard. Nevertheless, everybody has read 87 edition more or less ” red building ” , but do not know probably, this drama at the beginning hero is not actually is Europe Yang Fenjiang, what decide formerly is male a person selected is to because of,be in in the drama that be the same as a ministry personate ” Liu Xianglian ” one horn and by hep Hou Changrong.

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The appearance when the Hou Changrong of opera actor one’s previous experience is young is comely and beautiful, one kind is taken oneself on the body Confucianism elegant tasteful temperament, stand in the crowd, all the more piece carry, this makes ” red Lou Meng ” when the play staff is picking part, medium Hou Changrong, feel he is ” Gu Baoyu ” not 2 person selected. But the actor at that time picks part is not to rely on 29 people to be able to be placed, especially ” Gu Baoyu ” still be complete theatrical work is male advocate, those who strive for this part is male act and many, although the director took a fancy to Hou,grow flourish so, but choose horny flow or should go normally, and although Hou Changrong is accorded with completely on appearance ” the face is like the month mid-autumn, color is like Chun Xiaozhi to spend ” , but but height is however with the book in 13 years old ” Bao Yu ” differ very far, for the part reasonable with rigorous, director group must seek another person additionally, hou Changrong broke hero with respect to such regret, also accomplished Europe Yang Fenjiang at the same time.

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Nevertheless, because the director is in,long to Hou at that time flourish likes too too really, if miss a such actors, he times feeling regrettablly, although long flourish of together with Hou cannot act ” Gu Baoyu ” , but his temperament also very accordance case forthright and sincere is cheesy ” Liu Xianglian ” , recommended this role to its then. Missed ” Bao Yu ” Hou Changrong, did not miss ” red Lou Meng ” play staff, final he impersonates two character in cent of the one person in drama, acted already ” Liu Xianglian ” , at the same time ” boreal static king ” this part also is by his fictile, and after drama is sowed, he because these two characters are wide obtain reputably, successful by the masses hep.

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And this play is to his meaning the identity with an actor is seen by the masses not just, at the same time he also harvested the love that belongs to his, although at that time ” red Lou Meng ” the play staff does not allow the actor in the group to talk about love, but feeling this kind of job cannot be controlled, hou Changrong and personate ” sweet water chestnut ” month of actress Chen Jian hits it off perfectly, went very quickly one case, and still filming period got card to marry, had legal papers, the play staff is bad also to be restrained again, this paragraph of amour also received open-armed blessing of everybody finally.

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Hou Changrong and old sword month already had walked along 30 one’s remaining years hand in hand nowadays, feeling never is born change, also had had no any red to hear, although manage recreational group personally, but humanness of husband and wife is low-key, also compare Buddha department to the pursuit of the career, compare the work, they should take a family seriously more, and in the age that passes fifty years old, hou Changrong still is fond of obtain a pair of twin grandson, 61 years old of advanced age and wife conjugal love if first, descendants full hall, can says life wins the home.

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