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Original title: Into dragon: ” battle wolf ” can a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera in China only tall, abroad or the time that see I and Li Lianjie piece Cheng Longceng is straight in the program moon’s path: Picture ” the Red Sea acts ” , ” battle wolf ” such film has a few booking office in China, the time that still should see I and Li Lianjie abroad truly piece. Picture ” the Red Sea acts ” and ” battle wolf ” series movies, it is to contain patriotic feelings, for instance ” battle wolf ” , spirit of collaboration of advocate patriotism, collectivistic, group, the clue with a lot of mediumer film can cause the resonance of the audience very much, ignite the patriotic passion of an audience.

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In look into dragon, no matter be ” the Red Sea acts ” or ” battle wolf ” place expression comes out, having violent patriotic feelings, work of this kind martial subject matter, basically be soldier of expressional our country is great, accordingly, often the box-office nature that this kind of film puts in domestic place to obtain can be pretty good. Picture ” battle wolf ” , ” the Red Sea acts ” this kind of gramophone record that has patriotic feelings, the likelihood is more suffer our Chinese love.

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2017, of Wu Jing ” battle wolf 2 ” took the booking office of 5.692 billion finally after show. And showed 2018 ” the Red Sea acts ” took the booking office of 3.651 billion. These two films are before 10 film of total a list of names posted up is box-office, among them ” battle wolf 2 ” it is to rank head of a list of names posted up more. Visible, the echo in home returns the movie that describes patriotic feelings is perfectly. But because such, represent the limitation of this kind of subject matter into Long Ye. The booking office that is them then can be in only merely home is accomplished somewhat, and arrived on international, appear exceeding confine. Kongfu piece trend world, the gramophone record that has patriotic feelings teachs compatriots, no matter be kongfu piece, still resemble ” battle wolf ” such film, we are needed, they have nothing to do stand or fall of on any account, can be made, get everybody’s welcome, it is very good.

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