Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Korea film: ? Does Zhang jump Tuo of ┍ of Ju of  of sword of crotch of  of Zhen Ju vinegar? In numerous filmgoer heart, han Pian occupies position from beginning to end. All sorts of mature industrialization, type subject matter, still have handsome male belle… almost every other can have Korea film to become for some time ” explode paragraph ” , nevertheless, so much how be carried?

20220213050124 620890a4c4906

One. ” Chinese city ” main actor: ? ? of clever  of  of egret Ji  moving the Korea motion picture that takes a heart, jin Gaoyin bingle is too handsome! Acting blast is cracked ” 2. ” hag ” main actor: ? Qu belch breaks through? of Scandium of pull out of You Bochang  of  of Xu of  Yue sell the film that Song of a Jing stimulates again, super and good-looking! To protect boudoir honey and family, black change hag, spread out later a series of suspense incident… 3. ” old 1000 ” main actor: TOp, the film betting a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of Shen Shijing Korea, concentrated Han theatrical work, measure is breathtaking! 4. ” elder sister ” main actor: ? Exhausted  of oyster of Pan of  of thorium  ⅲ bridles ” ? a film that by Korea real event adapts, it is cloudy atmosphere from A to Z, announce human inhospitality, the dark side of modern society, urge a tear! 5. ” remember that night ” main actor: ? The set with deep and remote distinctive? of  of  of snipe Song Yao, the gut of careful, sharp be concerned about, be full of insecurity and inverting horror piece 6. ” the woman that disappear ” main actor: ?  of young ⒄ Gui steals? to be worth a work that social masses meditates now, was full of human nature and love, detail is depicted have very much take feeling 7. ” dark number commits murder ” the film that real event adapts, of abnormal murderer and police intelligence quotient confronts each other, the truth of case of serial broken cadaver is disclosed step by step 8. ” cry ” Korea is horrible piece surveyor’s pole, in front the gut film of conflagration, be full of invert with fine think of extremely fear 9. ” must capture ” by real story ” murder of China city interlink ” adapt and become, the society is immersed in panic for a time at that time, still be the mystery that Korea did not solve up to now, the murderer was caught in the film nevertheless, gut is very magical! Article origin: is reprinted make clear please!

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