Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Response of old the tenth lunar month should collect 2 embryoes message: Expect to add a son again, the daughter is raised like side others! Chen Xiaochun is taking Jasper to attend ” father goes which ” later, person energy of life goes up greatly, this also is pheasant brother enters true person excellent program first, a lot of people expect quite, authority’s complete to Jasper after the program broadcasts suction pink, ” Can You Stop Angry Now? ” the subject that becomes concert of pheasant elder brother.

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Should collect careless disposition suits to do the wife of eldest brother too, she and Chen Xiaochun although age difference is bigger, but the feeling of two people all the time very stable, although should be collected at the outset parents is not to agree with her to be married Chen Xiaochun, but in light of the development with current according to, should collect with pheasant elder brother it is true love absolutely. Two pairs of Jasper take husband and wife seriously exceedingly, also can bask in child in small gain daily. Go in father in which, educational kind of Chen Xiaochun is very special, when should be being criticized absolutely won’t indulgent, draw the dot support of many people, the feeling between he and Jasper is very good nevertheless, see pheasant elder brother likes child very much.

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Before paragraph time should be collected was patted by the netizen taking Jasper to ramble Mu Ying inn, and should collect the body is apparent fruity many, is this to be pregnant? After this message exposure, still mounted hot search, should collect to this thing nevertheless do not have a response with Chen Xiaochun. A few days ago pheasant elder brother responded to this problem inaccessibly, what he expresses to trying hard at present is unripe 2 embryoes, should collect nevertheless like the girl, but oneself expect the boy. Because two brother can be taken care of each other, the daughter should marry a person in the future, resembling is like be being raised to others. Did not think of pheasant elder brother or compare a tradition, but the men and women should be same.

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Appearance of pheasant elder brother compares Gao Leng it seems that, a tough guy of typical young of ancient be puzzled, a capricious father still is so below illicit. Everybody is collected to answering 2 embryoes are to expect very, if be a daughter, do not know pheasant elder brother can become a what kind of father, kind of Yo of photograph be religious can go greatly appearance. At the same time a lot of people also expect Jasper becomes an elder brother that day, affirmative meeting is in Jasper to be brought up for an instant. At the same time if be a daughter, the Yanzhi of elder brother of absolutely also can successive pheasant and talent.

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