Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Excuse oneself from follows Chen Guanxi pat advocate sow after disabling, become angry on the spot: Do not do I and my daughter

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1 day, the netizen basks in an one Duanchen coronal rare anger rancors advocate coronal video, cause the attention of a lot of netizens. Platform of direct seeding of video Zhong Mou advocate sow the daughter Alaia in Chen Guanxi of the come across on the road and him, want the group photo before going up. But Chen Guanxi is in because of the daughter beside so excuse oneself from. Advocate sow say accordingly however: “Chen Guanxi name-calling, see not? ” follow camera lens to Chen Guanxi all the time pat. Subsequently, chen Guanxi is faced advocate sow with pat lose patience already completely, tolerate to rushing again without method advocate sowed camera lens anger rancors: “Are you patted even? Do not do I and my daughter! ” can know from inside talking mood of Chen Guanxi and behavior he faces this kind to follow pat behavior to feel very angry really. Before this, ever the netizen explodes makings when saying Chen Guanxi and wife daughter show body airport together, those who face passerby pat secretly, destroyed the mobile phone of the other side directly, let the person all round feel very amazed and fear. It is before Chen Guanxi in the program ever him confide aspirations, after saying oneself had experienced the episode of private video exposure, the camera lens that faces media and passerby feels very scared, treat these things to do not have good mood all the time so.

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