Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” does angry sea go sanded ” Wu Xie part again is substitution Zhang Qiling Yang Yang?

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Calm archives broadcasts 6 days this month south send theatrical work of network of 3 father’s younger brother ” angry sea goes sanded ” cause heat to discuss once more, ” rob a tomb takes notes ” this series has had very old time, the work that has a lot of more appeared. And those who regard branch as work ” does angry sea go sanded ” will take us to a what kind of world enter? The net that knows kinds of any an explore grave has iron triangle in drama, this is not exceptional also, last year ” Sha Hai ” later, everybody had deeper image to Zhang Qiling and Wu Xie, so be in this ” angry sea goes sanded ” in, where is the Wu Xie in who can make your heart again and Zhang Qiling? In these parts of their personate, of which one edition more the heart that gets you.

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It is reported, this ” angry sea goes sanded ” as south appoint 3 father’s younger brother ” palace of 7 stars Lu Wang ” the 2nd work, although say compared with rhythm promoted for the story before many, but with respect to gut character, still be worth to expect, in these a few years similar such work is quite welcome still. Of course this story will undertake spreading out around fish of anguine eyebrow copper, and of personate Wu Xie is our hep actor Hou Minghao however. Compared with be in ” Sha Hai ” for medium Qin Hao, whether is such little fresh pork really can Hou Minghao deduce the style of a Wu Xie? In small make up in light of, or a little a few more inferior.

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