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Original title: ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” have realistic interest quite, see secret cabinet choose, resemble extremely instantly current situation Of the main actor such as Zhang Xincheng, Zhou Yutong ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” sow take flow oneself, be mirrorred as Yuan Zhongxin, Zhao Jian, Xiaojing, Wang Kuan, Xue and inside Wei Ya reach the designated position in succession, the 7th fast finished secret cabinet smoothly also to upgrade group group, wait for the old to make next going out hit only went quite. But this secret cabinet standard that so-called not stick to one pattern picks a talented person actually also very scheming, can be elected with fancy-free Xiaojing inside Ya of Wei of beautiful heart big turnip those who lean is to spell dad, zhao Jian and Xue Ying can row among them because they go up personally,no more than is very intense self-fulfilment and purpose sex, if Yuan Zhongxin does not have an elder brother this relation estimation also won’t be disentombed easily. Say what hesitates so teenager annals, it is nevertheless a flock of is content with be used the person that pursues somewhat each again gathers plan matters stops.

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” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” leave since sowing, the Yuan Zhongxin of Zhang Xincheng personate very grab an eye. He what look dense bad to be able to ‘t bear loving to just be like a life again actually in one’s heart is a serious situation heavy justice aspiring is good man, regrettablly major person looks not to appear this, the Wang Kuan that never agrees to violate a heart only wishs with his associate with. Yuan Zhongxin is in the quiet time of the Imperial College because elder brother yuan uncle fim follows advocate domestic force is small and be broken.

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The secret cabinet that Zhao Jian is in wants to use Yuan Zhongxin to bring a big distant spy, distant person wants to realize think of a way that sees His or Her Majesty through him again, the Yuan Zhongxin of the amid that wrap hold something under the arm is to enter Yi You, retreat Yi You. He is enough and fortunately argute, use power of all corners of the country, double-dealing plays so that everybody turns all round. But he of equestrian demon also was in ghost to displease military accomplishment and intelligence quotient accidentally double tall Zhao Jian, two people written guarantee from now on issued Liang Zi, became a pair to jubilate enemy.

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When elder brother yuan uncle fim moved to save Yuan Zhongxin by force of the situation be most willing to follows old advocate the home is far go, the Yuan Zhongxin that is stared at to go up by bridge warlord does not have a road to be able to be retreated, this ability must consider to join secret cabinet. And right now, zhao Jian and little respect, Xue Ying is early throw its door to fall, appearance of Xin Yi of contemporaneous He Yuanzhong by Ghana still have Wang Kuan and Wei Ya inside.

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Those who be worth ponder is the He Xiaojing inside Wei Ya two people. Liu Guannian evades the ground to say none, the door was not found at all inside Wei Ya, in use up all one’s resources of capital advantageous position 2 generation are taking temporarily official directly the person wants to dismantle the city wall, by force of pressure Liu Guannian put him, and fancy-free small Jing Yagen did not need to search to also be opened directly postern income. So, where is this not stick to one pattern falls after all talent, it is to see dish of the dish below the guest obviously, test is to average player character only, this spy thing that have powerful connections does to still must carry out be related to be discussed especially.

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