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Original title: Actor loves to vacate introduce ” lad is written down ” , however cutout is smooth ” sexual minority person ” content, geometry of measure of domestic theatrical work 20220213052757 620896ddd4e84

Civil | Ma Qingyun

The Spring Festival just passed, “Actor loves to vacate ” wait for synchronism of platform of video of much home authorised edition to introduce ” lad is written down ” , go up in succession the line leaves sow. ” lad is written down ” have 10 season content at present, “Actor loves to vacate ” the respect is weekly 5 evening leave sow one season. This series drama rises from 1994, already in the whole world 220 countries and area had been broadcasted, its government message says, this drama is holding 25 million audiences as before every week watch. Its official square data says, ” lad is written down ” in platform of video of each authorised edition broadcast a quantity, had exceeded 100 billion times. One heats up those who sow drama to introduce, it is originally ” in order to provide dinner for reader ” meddlesome affection, however because ” actor loves to vacate ” version cutout became smooth ” sexual minority person ” content, and heat was caused to discuss in home, it is a lot of negative comment even. These heat discuss backside, also have the content that is worth to think really. “Does actor love to vacate ” introduce in succession ” is lad written down ” does the reason where? The reason is very simple, of long video platform add fast put delay in succession, have dropping possibility even. This moment, introduce a few have ” long end effect ” teleplay work, can ensure platform to be below the premise of lowermost copyright cost, what implementation sows class of to the limit of one’s capacity to go up is smooth. ” lad is written down ” among official data have 25 million person-time as before every week watch, to platform of video of 3 big authorised editions, have powerful appeal. Of long video platform add fast put delay, had been macroscopical fact. 2021 Q3, love is strange art net loss caustic is 1.734 billion yuan, the corresponding period is only last year deficit 1.176 billion yuan, expand compared to the same period about 47.4% , cut down the member of persons employed and rise in price, become love is strange 2021 art the two big keywords of the respect. Actor cruel and Tecent video respect, although did not announce official message, but two circumstance also does not surprise than love art hopeful how many. Notable is, home grows video platform to fly to the Nai of mark, also appeared relatively apparent put delay. Nai flies the 2021 money that announce year Q4 money newspaper shows, this quarter Nai flies to add user paying fee newly 8.28 million, last year the corresponding period 8.51 million person, drop compared to the same period 2.7% . Nai flies predict Q1 added subscription user newly 2022 for 2.5 million, this number is far under last year 3.98 million of the corresponding period, more not as good as 6.93 million what analysts anticipate generally. Because anticipate under the market, nai flying share price steeps fall for a time 20% . “Actor loves to vacate ” the respect is to face amount of member paying fee to be not the issue that puts delay to drop however more. Amount of the line on the whole of drama of movie and TV 2022, also may little at in former years. It is under these a few premise, introduce a few have ” long end effect ” beautiful theatrical work, “Actor loves to vacate ” the respect wants to realize what charcoal is sent in snow to anticipate. But this anticipates, it seems that things go contrary to one’s wishes. Because cutout is decreased,wait for a reason, ” lad is written down ” did not become broadcast explode paragraph. On Feburary 11, ” lad is written down ” the first season is on platform of video of each big authorised edition line head day, reduce a problem because of cutout, and the heat search that developed partial platform for a time. ” lad is written down ” partial major drama confuses discovery, go up newly of the line this ” lad is written down ” cutout became smooth all about ” sexual minority person ” content. This delete, include part of a few auxiliary lines delete, assign actor’s lines content with the ministry delete with revise etc. Because go up,of the line is cutout is decreased edition, so ” lad is written down ” the network broadcasts achievement, not ideal. Up to on Feburary 13 morning at 10 o’clock, ” lad is written down ” the add up to of the first season 24 part the plot of a play, the special that realized 5.982 million person-time only in add up to of Tecent video respect broadcasts a quantity. Actor cruel and love are strange art respect, this ” lad is written down ” the odd in front of of teleplay heat a list of names posted up that all did not enter place platform. Show the Tecent video side that broadcasts data, this inadequacy of 6 million broadcast achievement, the prevue that is inferior to drama of a few discharge even broadcasts data. Be based on current data condition to tell, because cutout is decreased,wait for a problem, ” lad is written down ” long end broadcasts effect, the likelihood is ” those who go out not to come ” ! ” lad is written down ” in the center, to ” sexual minority person ” narrative attitude issue. 1994, the Clinton that American president assumes when came on stage ” pay no attention to do not say ” policy. American government does not support ” sexual minority person ” join army, but in wanting army only ” sexual minority person ” the sexual inclination that shows them not actively, senior office or officer to won’t try to disclose, drive out they, conversely, once,want only outgiving identity, can drive out. Be like ” pay no attention to do not say ” policy is same, the United States the condition at that time is, the choice below major case is silent and the tendency objects. Teleplay ” lad is written down ” be be created under big setting and leave in such times sow. Accordingly, ” lad is written down ” in the center, become two ” sexual minority person ” when the choice marries, did not win the blessing of family, turn over what encountered family however to object, but these two withstood pressure, held wedding, obtained numerous the blessing of a lad. Very notable is, in ” lad is written down ” in the center, not this group ” sexual minority person ” 3 vulgarization, also taking ” blinkers ” go narrative, go peeping illicit, try hard however ” sexual minority person ” generalization, ordinary person is changed, unripe activation. A got-up affair of this kind of appraise is spent, be worth person of the same trades of a lot of movie and TV to learn. Why should home is opposite ” sexual minority person ” content undertakes cutout is decreased. Drama of our country movie and TV is created, have the principle of sex of a bottom line, the value that is gut then is oriented, cannot deviate from each other with law. Our judicatory is not to support at present ” sexual minority person ” marriage concerns. This, in judicatory domain, have more professional discuss, had exceeded professional category of the author, also not be among the content category of the article. Right ” lad is written down ” in the center ” sexual minority person ” of content delete, it is to let this beautiful theatrical work and our homebred drama stand on scratch line of same examine and verify actually. To this one incident, I am hold of upbeat mood. This is meant, among the work such as the beautiful theatrical work that introduces later, flower drama, day theatrical work, Han drama, the content that can appear, among the following homebred drama, also can appear. Among theatrical work of our earliest homebred movie and TV, kissing play cannot appear, zhang Yi is sought film boat tracker bathes, want to put on underpants vent in the sides of a garment to boat tracker. See instantly again. This is a process that measures metamorphism to change gradually. This process, also gave average viewer the time that accepts gradually and space. What drama of domestic movie and TV should think over truly is, the content that partial work is loving the opposite sex 3 vulgarization. The narrative measure of drama of movie and TV, with the narrative manner of drama of movie and TV, it is both can be implemented without coming into conflict, be short of one cannot. We undertake with what manner narrative, also decided drama of movie and TV should maintain greatly actually between what measure category. The last few years, a got-up affair of a few appraise spends very healthy teleplay work, pushing the narrative measure of teleplay big, won an audience however instead people general praise. For instance, teleplay ” the teenager is sent ” in the center, to share of show of life of physiology of husband and wife appear. Again for instance, teleplay ” small quick home ” in the center, yellow Lei part explains those who bring complete set to use a standard to wait a moment to accurate son-in-law. These, it is healthy manner, brought healthy measure. Conversely, example is very much also. For instance, the network motion picture that was left to wear a few days ago ” the bound of yin and yang of the Luoyang since wind ” . This main reason that is left to wear is, partial content, be suspected of borroweding. But, in the meantime, this network film is opening local branch, appeared to be without in great quantities necessary ” color ” content, below the premise with actress not whole dress, it is quantity ham, measure a bust again, this has been the narrative manner of typical 3 vulgarization actually. Say an impolite word, we connect the content that the opposite sex loves, lack basic, healthy narrative manner, still not be to talk apparently ” sexual minority person ” when. Accordingly, I think, the narrative measure of drama of movie and TV, it is the process of a successive certainly. Between this process, we are built gradually correct and healthy narrative manner, particularly important. Otherwise, introduce easily ” sexual minority person ” content, if we are lacked ” lad is written down ” in the center this kind ” generalization, ordinary person is changed, unripe activation ” creation manner, regular meeting appears than ” quantity ham, measure a bust ” films of those 3 common network more the work of 3 common. At practitioner of drama of instantly movie and TV people, we still should devote oneself to many a little bit ” small quick home ” , a few less ” bound of yin and yang ” the job, had better. Thinking solely, take 3 common stunt, seduce an audience. (civil / Ma Qingyun) more and wonderful content, small signal of attention titanium media (ID: Taimeiti) , perhaps download titanium media App

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