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Original title: ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” fixed position of little respect of detail declare publicly is clear already, may big Boss be Han Duanzhang? Because ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” playwrite king tired is had deep love for invert, and let many ” 7 fast 6 child ” cooking starch concern rose 6 child in can have a hidden traitor. And all sorts of coincidence of Xiaojing, became first target that is suspected. Because Chen Gong is for the first time on the road,be bought outside by disaster little respect dish, and the hutch after Chen Gong is killed to find little respect of soup cake inn to be in makes food, when is Zhao Jian drinking, still said even sentence ” does Xiaojing cook how to do so long ah? When is Zhao Jian drinking, still said even sentence ” does Xiaojing cook how to do so long ah??

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Investigate its are main the fixed position that the reason also is Xiaojing is unsharpness, always feel someone else has each reason each, and Xiaojing does not have what action it seems that. But actually in a detail from inside drama already declare publicly Xiaojing’s fixed position. What write on the notebook that the Xiaojing in renown occasion takes is, child say: Of the path be no good also, I know: The person that know passes, I person not as good as also. The interpreter comes over even if: “Confucius says: The doctrine of the mean is no good at the world, I know a reason: Clever person often exceeded its level, addlehead person short of its standard. Addlehead person short of its standard..

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This often accords with Xiaojing’s set with respect to dispute, already intelligent have again pure foolish gas, will will accord with the doctrine of the mean. 3 essence are astute too fill, 3 foolish moment of li of additionally two some real worry person, xiaojing very resemble harmonic dose, be together both sides to the department.

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And to the big Boss in drama guess, the answer may have given out in titles music. Titles music main actor still has two actors that piece besides 6 people group, one is Han Duanzhang (Lu Qinghui) , another is Xu Weidong, after rank of trailer music actor leans quite, the name in drama calls Huo Yu light, rank in titles music so before taking an examination of, the feeling is very important role, sensory resembling is a flower in come on the stage the mask with higher rate male.

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