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Original title: Under one person: Liu Linglong is done not have probably by cachectic infection, a few reason can prove Near future gut is medium under one person divulge many useful information, situation of Li Muxuan that appears to let us understand an island to go up not only, also let us produce huge to expect to the follow-up development of gut. Because will look with respect to a few detail, li Muxuan knows a few things about chaos of armour Shen Zhi probably. Compare nevertheless at gut for, everybody’s more curious issue is whether Liu Linglong can change actually go back, when can change go back. 01 before leaving accept dark island, Liu Linglong is led probably can change go back

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Although the cerebral hole of 2 father’s younger brother is a bit large, not be I wait laic can guess, but will look from the set framework under one person, land exquisite big probability is to be able to change answer human about, and be before leaving Na Sen island. The reason is very simple, under one person although not be child draw for Xiang Man, the appearance that Liu Linglong maintains existing also does not have a reader can winkle what defect, but everybody did not forget,itself is the world outlook set that having opposite maturity under one person.

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If Liu Linglong leaves after accept dark island, had not changed if answering human about, zhang Chulan is the first has bad luck necessarily. Land lord child disposition but not very is good, after the casuse and effect that was informed whole thing, before Zhang Chulan actual strength did not exceed Liu Jin, be afraid this all one’s life must be thrown in dragon tiger hill. Even if Liu Jin no matter the thing of children and grand children, the fate that seals date also can is faced with after Liu Linglong leaves accept dark island. Because the set under one person is medium, surprise person compares secret existence namely originally to Everyman, very rare Everyman is witting the existence of surprise person.

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The land exquisite big probability of such figure can seal date compulsively, this is apparently unlikely, after all the person that Liu Linglong also is half lead group now, also bore the weight of a few tasks that advance gut, so I feel big probability meets Liu Linglong to resume human pattern before leaving Na Sen island. Is 02 land exquisite true by cachectic infection?

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Besides, my individual feels cachectic to affect Liu Linglong successfully this thing is existence interrogative. Attentive friend should discover, liu Linglong changes after the body, it is cachectic one-sided says he affected Liu Linglong all the time, and him Liu Linglong does not have pair of this thing expression to give any views. If of cachectic infection is someone else, I won’t have this doubt, cachectic after all start infection ability and Liu Linglong to change the time line of the body is being put in that, can see very easily because be affected cachecticly,changing is personally, but this thing is put in Liu Linglong there are a lot of uncertainties on the body.

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Each infection body is to be based on oneself character to have variation, how mutating is cachectic cannot master. If saying from cachectic place, we collect two information not hard, one cachectic finite to affecting the understanding of body, the essence of 2 infection body is enlarge oneself character probably. The introduction that cany hill has accepted before Liu Linglong checks, and arousal the character of oneself, so so a kind likelihood, cachectic basis before experience the judgement that made a mistake, did Liu Linglong just magnify without infection actually some kind of character of oneself?

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Of coincidence is meter of another department work of 2 ” PROJECT loves greatly ” Zhong Wenshan also has had similar lot, by Danny below fill pure akin blood, nearly becomes bloodsucker, but the cause that because had taken 5 rock,comes loose, not only did not become akin, return second of out of control the other side. So I feel to similar bridge can appear probably on land exquisite body paragraph also perhaps, after all Liu Linglong is so called infection is cachectic only character, confirm without the course. 03 Li Muxuan comes on the stage existence purpose sex

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What is the cause that Li Muxuan helps the person such as Zhang Chulan return temporarily bad to say, because person of Zhang Chulan group and Li Muxuan are likely the embroil of existence is too much, treasure elder sister and Na Sen king concern pretty good, Li Muxuan is likely the reason that He Fangying matters waiting a moment is Li Muxuan end likely. Nevertheless a bit can affirm, li Muxuan end is not pure absolutely chair justice, sex of purpose of sure to the help of the person such as Zhang Chulan existence.

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The condition with accept dark current island is bad, although Li Muxuan does not catch a cold to the inheritance of king, but he still likes accept dark island very much. Current for the situation of accept dark island, displeasing market is a very unwise choice actually, after all market also is not fool, if Li Muxuan does not have exasperate market, market big probability delimits namely thrash, but this one behavior is in Li Muxuan namely apparently exasperate market. Although complete sex is along with the gender, but do not do not have brain on behalf of complete sex. The most important is Na Sen island actually all the time darkling monitoring each force, when if giving an accident, the person such as Zhang Chulan ascends an island, should have been discovered by Na Sen island, but Li Muxuan just comes on the stage now, so I feel Li Muxuan helps the person such as Zhang Chulan won’t be pure chair justice.

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