Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: The net exposes to the sun forest go out newlier act ” black wear in one’s hair goes ” hero, fill pat slow, draw female advocate pink is malcontent ” black wear in one’s hair goes ” it is everybody special an expectant teleplay, but because hero goes in,did not think of, bring about this drama to cannot broadcast, this drama is a theatrical work that makes greatly originally, accordingly, the message came out recently forest became newlier ” black wear in one’s hair goes ” male advocate, and filling take camera lens.

20220213052935 6208973f0359e

Come out forest fill newlier when taking this theatrical work, many audiences had again to this drama very big expect, nevertheless, because this play investment is larger, the plan that because this fills,takes is very slow, still had needed ability of period of time and everybody to meet.

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Of this drama female advocate it is Yang Zi, many vermicelli made from bean starch of Yang Zi are dissatisfactory to the play staff, the discharge star that originally a hero that go in does not have what actual strength namely will go out act, the result was changed this forest after updating, fill pat very slow, so Yang Zi’s vermicelli made from bean starch had not little opinion.

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Good theatrical work is not afraid of evening, since was changed male advocate fill pat, believe drama still just hopes this drama can broadcast as early as possible, otherwise so large investment hits water to float, casting those representing capital also cannot be accepted, let us expect this theatrical work together. What what wants to say does everybody have? The welcome leaves a message beneath discuss.

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