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Original title: ” national husband 2 ” new stage photo, xiong Ziqi performs Liu Jin again year, female lovesickness of 2 the Song Dynasty is the most beautiful Draw near summer vacation time, work of of all kinds movie and TV decides archives in succession, heat sows nowadays ” phoenix play chess ” , ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” obtained extremely high public praise and heat, of course, drama of green subject matter more popularity, also can let a netizen touch the past, cause resonance. This not, recently another new theatrical work ” national husband 2 ” released new stage photo formally, also Guan Xuan main actor battle array, although female advocate substitution of Li Xi a surname, dan Junnan’s belle is assembled in, raise a key point very.

20220213052945 6208974972374

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Female advocate Qiao An is good change Lai Yu to go out act, qiao An is the young lady of a thousand pieces of gold of group of tall family name very, with Liu Jin year acquaintance is in a heavy rain of high school, not be not to know well the pure girl of affairs of human life, through love and the ablution that kiss affection, become composed and civilized. Look from stage photo, lai Yu is contemporary modelling is extremely beautiful, yan Zhi does not lose Li Xi a surname, although repute of Lai Yu is not high, but resource is wonderful, be in this year ” full-time ace ” orange of personate Su Mu.

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Anxiety Dai outstanding act again male 2 Xujiamu, he is the heir of Han group, once came loose weak traitorous childe elder brother, experience the test of love, become dark and concentrated. Must say, male outstanding Yan Zhi of 2 anxiety Dai is extremely tall, the person is set also denounce particularly happy event, the male Zhu Liujin with Gao Leng year photograph comparing, it may be said is more welcome. And anxiety Dai outstanding still was in last year ” my baby-sitter manual ” having outstanding show, perform traitorous childe elder brother again nowadays, do not know what to kind of show have again?

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Personate daughter of old Mr Shu lovesickness of 2 the Song Dynasty, liu Jin year the good friend inside the circle, it is good to be aimed at Qiao An constantly, acting clique is become red female star. The first goes out by Zhao Yaoke act, deduce approximately faultlessly, this substitution, from the point of stage photo, female Yan Zhi of lovesickness of 2 the Song Dynasty is extremely tall, peremptory a temperamental goddess, with Cp of Xu Jiamu group, inevitable very raise a key point, help sb to fulfill his wishes the part with the most beautiful theatrical work.

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