Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Wang Zhiwen’s disposition lets a director feel, ” the day ” male advocate be not him to not be belonged to, they are accomplished each other ” the day ” what the director thinks of the first times is male advocate it is Li Youbin. After taking a play to leaf through however, li Youbin still rejected this elder brother, not be he does not want to act, it is he feels he is to control hard this part. Can find no way out during, wang Zhiwen greeted his eye, do not be other, it is him only what then the portion agrees to lower his head in play only is great-hearted.

20220213053021 6208976dd6878

The director feels male advocate be not Wang Zhiwen cannot, because he thinks this disposition and ” the day ” medium Ding Yuanying be exactly the same.

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After reading a script, demur of king sign language does not say to receive played this role, for ” the day ” promoted all new show, origianl work novel ” distant Immanuel ” looked many times 40.

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He paragraphs that is big actor’s lines, monologize is returned by the audience praise for the performance like schoolbook. The fast knot of traditional idea is in ” rely on a word ” ! Parents leans in the home, go out rely on a friend, rely on god, rely on Bodhisattva, favour relying on emperor, what does anyhow rely on to go, do not rely on oneself namely. Because enter sport too deep, wang Zhiwen thinks he is Ding Yuanying for a time, very long period of time is enmeshed in the part to go not to come out.

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