Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” the pattern time of brother elder sister ” feel distressed Zhao Chunlei, do not escape to give the hand the centre of the palm of stepmother and mother-in-law Affection drama is to accept inspected kingly way forever, in the parent short those who look is not lively, however the life of ourselves, basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle collides also not be sound, however our happy event is happy sad. Resemble defending those who inspect heat to sow in Jiangsu ” the pattern time of brother elder sister ” , with the deduction to second birth family, with fresh portraiture and driving actual topic, start summer vacation time the first round affection storm, caused an audience surround view and heat to discuss.

20220213053025 62089771b86be

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However, zhao Chunlei is not ” Dou Ting is good ” the Su Mingyu in, su Mingyu is after old Mom dies inside the home control the forces of nature, let what old father is afraid of resembled seeing feline mice, brother elder brother’s wife people also be sincerely convinced, because she did not encounter a fierce old lady,that is.

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Be the firm because of prospective mother-in-law, xu Haiyang falls dead originally to take registered permanent residence, feeling ” the pattern time of brother elder sister ” just just begin, zhao Chunlei had lost two the closest people, one is fatherly father, one is sweet lover, evermore, she must a person goes fighting. Apparent, stepmother and accurate mother-in-law still can resemble is a big hill same, ceaseless undertake hitting press and be tormentinged to her, the atmosphere of this renascence family has put cereal bottom on the ice, wu Mingmei receives Pan Xia to search by hook and crook, wu Mingliang continues those privately benefit, the day estimation at the back of Zhao Chunlei wants more difficult get close to.

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