Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” apotheosis historical novel ” be changed to sow by cutting sb in two at the waist ” tennis boy ” , ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” just be strong opponent

20220213053128 620897b032dc5

Up to now (on June 2 morning at 10 o’clock) , hunan is defended inspect, Hunan guards the theater when inspecting youth to undertake, ” tennis boy ” official media platform, all not was opposite of this teleplay head sow schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater to make any responses. A teleplay that is about to broadcast, the official head that does not have any forms at all sows the conduct propaganda of time, itself is very doubtful.

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And TV cat respect offers each are big the TV station broadcasts the content of the program is ordinal, via problem of regular meeting occurrence inaccurate. This has been the normal inside course of study. Accordingly, take cat of a piece of TV broadcast ordinal check scheme will become witness, beyond the mark and feeble, inadequacy is a letter. Defend to Hunan inspect and character, of Zhou Bo theater ” apotheosis historical novel ” although public praise is very poor, but its viewing rate is special all the time and good.

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And if sincere be like hearsay place character, ending of cutting sb in two at the waist, that certainly will also should face the problem that to the audience a gut explains. Up to now, the network head of this drama sows platform field, also did not appear any gut content that concern final final result. This is meant, did not defend this through Hunan inspect, ” apotheosis historical novel ” wait for official media platform to affirm ” cutting sb in two at the waist ” message, it is nevertheless ” false ” the hearsay stopped.

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This kind ” tennis boy ” ” cutting sb in two at the waist ” ” apotheosis historical novel ” the Eight Diagrams, the person that real viewing rate is benefited, will be two drama broadcast jointly platform. And two drama also had respective propagandist effect. Nevertheless, this time will be nodded on June 3, absorbing. That evening at 10 o’clock, zhejiang defends those who inspect a respect ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” be about to head sow.

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