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Original title: ” animal management board ” : Those who have Yan Youyan ability is optimal female match, be ” fox ” or ” earthworm ” ?

20220213053134 620897b6b04be

The gut of this one collect is particularly evil also do, the fart that original fox puts is toxic gas, gather up will to be able to cause big explosion, can browbeat even people person is safe. So produced such event in a supermarket, the person collectivity in the bureau that use a pipe dispatchs go seeking the vulpine fine that lives in the settle in human city people, they let put a fart in turn after finding, go back examine composition. Until when checking Wang Chunhua, she appears, we know this woman is not passerby armour for certain.

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Because she is whole gas field of the person is different, dim expression, stand high above the masses Leng Ao’s attitude, apparent do not want to cooperate them to check case. Be being returned finally is Chen He browbeat by shiver tongue she, put a fart loathly, that is flashy whole building vibrated, the might of this fart is outstanding. Of course examines from the back the result that come out and her fart matchs completely, can take the bureau that use a pipe only.

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The person that Chen He feels by intuition she is not real cause trouble later, help her reverse a verdict hard then. Found out real culprit finally, it is Wang Chunhua so once green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, see her live costlily to admit completely with him no longer now, below not reconciled to take case of come to attack us with respect to the fart her what collect when feeling is strong before and circumvent her.

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Once unavailable love is changed into hate, that force can destroy a day to destroy simply the ground. Can serve as Wang Chunhua, probably cling to of her love vanity is flourishing, that also is means of a kind of life only just, want to did not harm others only, that can regard ugly small duckling as completely to become the white swan’s decay, be worth congratulate.

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2 hate to part with when dream and reality when letting go, she chose spare time from one’s main work to attend to sth else to cross excuse me of two kinds of life my Gu falls few is heard, do not know the earthworm still has this operation unexpectedly before, can break end renascence. Become then in drama ” earthworm essence ” encounter reality and dream hard when be satisfactory to both sides, chose to endure renascence of pang ego spare time from one’s main work to attend to sth else. Two after renascence she, one went to good university finishing the pursuit to the dream, even if experience precarious of endure the hardships of an arduous journey later also enjoy sth bitter as if it were malt sugar.

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And another she stays in the home to mix the boy friend marriage that love each other is parturient, go using up filial piety at ordinary times in parental home, enjoying the sweet care of domestic family member, live the life of smooth and steady sweetness. The thing also is so quite satisfactory, each is in his proper place, be content with one’s lot. Once have life,can produce an unforeseen event, continued hard.

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There still are a lot of minor roles in this drama special also give prize, and ” vulpine essence ” and ” earthworm essence ” be most let a person love. Do you prefer them which?

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