Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: ” apotheosis historical novel ” how to return a responsibility without ending? Because of,official response signs off is medium reason! ” apotheosis historical novel ” had replaced 53 part, be big on June 3 ending originally, did not think of to stop that evening more, by ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” receive grade, how is this to return a responsibility? ” apotheosis historical novel ” ending disappears without trace, your audience 100 think of do not get its to solve.

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Medium is consist in of a kind of material another kind of matter is internal, normally we call latter former medium, their relation is linked together cheek by jowl. Medium has a variety of expression forms, the medium that be like light, dielectric, magnetizing mediums, and language, character and transmission way are the medium that everybody understands.

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Although ” apotheosis historical novel ” the blood of dog having a place that gut adapts, the enemy of affection love hate between bewitching of oneself, fox and Yang Jian makes Da more the person is accepted hard, but still many audiences like such the story of a play or opera, want to know what ending is, ending was done not have now, the account that video website shows is medium transmission problem, must stop temporarily so more, this kind of case appears too too abrupt, audience one face is muddled.

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” apotheosis historical novel ” it is the teleplay that adapts according to archaic fairy tale, of course this version has very big discrepancy with origianl work, male joyous female love, gong Zheng is fought after, each trying to cheat the other, gut passed whole to weave afresh, however the big final result that everybody expects disappears without trace, this also is a kind of regret.

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