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Original title: ” animal management board ” head sow explode laugh, princely article is alike in spirit Yan Ni, old conspicuous acme is coxcombical become one group oneself

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From at present already head in light of sowed gut content, ” animal management board ” narrative rhythm is very fast still. The plot of a play of the first part shows main character almost to use up entirely, and allow the vet part of old conspicuous personate join animal management board. The plot of a play of the 2nd part began the routine of management board of of all kinds animal. Add up to the gut of 24 collect, between the homebred teleplay that is 50 collect above at every turn at present, the conscience drama that is fast rhythm already.

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The mankind and ” alluring woman ” itself enough have hotspot element, put the story in again under contemporary setting, undertake between the urban environment with audience hep place narrative, more interesting. ” animal management board ” compare ” 2 acting alluring women ” , in respect of vision of specially good effect, show inadequacy slightly apparently, but this teleplay appears in comedic style on, ambitious act the leading role at the person such as Liu Yifei ” 2 acting alluring women ” the film.

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Chen He’s characteristic, in ” love apartment ” etc had decided among drama of movie and TV. He belongs to a kind of will coxcombical performance to arrive the actor of acme. Of general actor coxcombical belong to the category that does not have acting, and Chen He achieves this kind of perfection, had belonged to did it intentionally, this is a kind of very clever performance way. To it similar, still be Zhang Quan egg accomplishs 0 acting to the queen’s taste, facial do not have expression more, have acting more however instead. Chen He is countenance very rich, approximately coxcombical. This kind of very active countenance, let Chen He pat drama of what movie and TV to resemble going up excellent program of true person of put together art. Perform a style to this kind, favorite audience can think, comic performance style of Chen He becomes one group oneself. And the audience that does not like, the acting that can criticize severely Chen He is short of break. Hereat at the same time, my view is, any performance manner, want to be able to achieve perfection only, it is ” have acting ” . Chen He can will coxcombical achieve perfection, solemned to had formed oneself distinctive color. And this kind of style, can bring again explode laugh. Accordingly, manner of this kind of performance is desirable.

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princely to heroine article, her acting is fluctuation float is relatively apparent. In the film ” 1942 ” in the center, the young lady of the landlord home of princely article personate, disposition is fresh, the feature is very specific. And be in ” happy eulogy ” in the center, the music alluring woman of princely article personate, also be the typical delegate with interesting forceful. Nevertheless, the film that directs in Hu Mei ” enter a capital ” in the center, the character of princely article personate has bit of insipid, beyond the mark straight Bai Hua, lack primary acting capacity. This, be in ” animal management board ” in the center, princely article finds the sense of him music alluring woman again, and be this kind ” music alluring woman ” joined a bit leader model. Many bridges paragraph in the center, the acting of princely article more resembling is ” Wu Lin hotel ” the proprietress Yan Ni in the center. Especially princely article spins intentionally sound when perform the dialogue of certain leadership accent, dye-in-the-wood Yan Ni appendages. On the age, princely article and Yan Ni difference are apparent. Nevertheless, antrum is taken to make the performance way that moves acme acting go up in this kind, princely article begins Ni of Yan of greeting study elder. Can say, princely article more resembling is young the proprietress of the hotel that be the same as blessing that change, this kind of forceful is spell able, was taken ” animal management board ” in the center.

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