Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: ” animal management board ” gut obviously very fantastic, can why public praise however exceptionally good? Tell the truth in ” animal management board ” before sowing, did not hold too big expectation in the arms to this drama. Because of the story setting in drama too fantastic, the homebred drama of this kind of subject matter is sodden drama almost. Nevertheless ” animal management board ” it is an exception it seems that, leave public praise is exceptionally good after sowing, yuan Chao ” reason of the love that build a dream ” and ” my true friend ” the idol play that two big shop signs gather. ” animal management board ” counterattack is worth us to think really, ponder over the hang with this successful drama.

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From ” animal management board ” if oneself will seek an account, can a word will sum up, fantastic and do not lose good faith. For the setting from the story, ” animal management board ” be fantastic unruly undoubtedly. But for the audience to seeking theatrical work, can understanding absurd setting is the appearance of this drama only, under is pair of human nature is conceal in fantastic to discuss. From essence of big goose of vulpine precise and penetrating, earthworm essence, the water ursine bug that looks for trouble to beautiful type again, each conte can cause the resonance of the audience, then becomes the topic that is discussed. Probably the heat of these topics is far not as tall as idol play, but these topic backside were reflected ” animal management board ” sincerity.

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It is actually in the life of everybody, facing a lot of choices. It is the satisfaction on pursuit spirit level, still note those who weigh materially to enjoy only. After having attrition when dream and corporeal life, how should choose again? Wait these reflection about life a moment, ” animal management board ” pass fantastic and did laugh means to undertake explaining. The result that explains probably all is not like person meaning certainly, but this is not a key, the key is the reflection that the person that lets seek theatrical work had him to this. Come from some kind of angle say, this is what formed special form with the audience is interactive. Simple gut, sincerity is only full, move it is so difficult that the audience is done not have.

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This moment appears suddenly one ministry resembling ” animal management board ” sincerity drama, natural meeting obtains very high opinion. Probably ” animal management board ” it is so good that itself is done not have really, but the circle that goes up with what encircle money flightily is full of in this in, ” animal management board ” the Qing Dynasty that has calculated rare flowed. Individual viewpoint, do not be fond of not gush.

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