Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: ” big bright elegance and talent ” will sow, shang Wei ancient costume is elegant, male watch of 2 tall Zhen Yuyan is tall

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Shang Wei personate female advocate Sun Rewei, drive history firstborn daughter, the horizontal stroke changes hard by pacify 9 a group of things with common features destroy the door, if alias grandson is small, after experiencing civilian sufferings, put down an individual to hate gradually, the wisdom that uses oneself and bearing are saved big between bright dynasty jeopardy. In expose to the sun in giving stage photo, ancient costume of Shang Wei a suit all is shown elegant, bearing is uncommon, deduce the Xiao Gong empress on the history, it may be said encircles pink countless.

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In addition, qiao Zhenyu personate male 2 Xu Bin, father dies at the battle with difficult pacify, he is organized to adopt by pacify difficult orphan later, become the person of an ad cool-headed Taoist priest, the love that warmth bears again is worn female advocate Sun Rewei, ceng Shen is entered enemy blast protect a son for her, as the elder brother, accompany all the time as brain truster beside Sun Rewei, do not touch a sweetheart forever however. Look Shang Wei is to sit have two great beauty male rhythm ah, but must say, male the Yan Zhi of 2 tall Zhen Yu is taller.

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More surprizing is, zhang Yi promotes personate Zhu Qi to press down, male advocate cornstalk of Zhu Zhan radical, 9 years old of fine long hair weighing the Supreme Being are inexperienced, specially trust eunuch causes eunuch to counterpoise only, also bring about later arms be defeated by float, succession of its younger brother, v/arc be on the throne 22 years, although be in political the place that has inadequacy, but also say to go up arouse one’s all efforts to make the country prosperous, Ren Jian cherishs his fellow citizen. Zhang Yi is promoted be worth a delegate as Gao Yan, acting is pretty good still, act the leading role before ” gold pupil ” also obtained right result.

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