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Original title: ” animal management board ” look be like get the strange head that do not have li, actually contain is worn philosophic theory of a lot of lives Introduction: ” animal management board ” look be like get the strange head that do not have li, actually contain is worn philosophic theory of a lot of lives ” animal management board ” it is recently on network of period of time most one of igneous teleplay, had not left in this teleplay actually before sowing, a lot of audiences include myself also is not valued, because head to be mixed from content subject matter first,look above the actor, what this teleplay goes is scene drama type, basically be each collect a story, and besides a big masterstroke, other the plot of a play mutual the continuity between is not very big, add Chen He to act the leading role, more resembling is ” love apartment ” monster version, hope to its so not quite.

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Be in for instance ” kongfu panda ” inside this one story, involve house of a fierce among them, cry ” Xie Wenwu house ” , generally speaking, wait for an element through the work of movie and TV before and history, “Xie Wen ” this name is widely known already, see ” Xie Wenwu house ” these 4 words when natural meeting associates together, but discover curator cries however later ” Xie Wenwu ” , the Xie Wenhao that follows famous does not have a relation, this it may be said laugh a dot is play literal stalk high degree of professional proficiency. Actually ” animal management board ” look be like get the strange head that do not have li, but inside at the same time also accumulate containing a lot of life philosophy.

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Mood of this moment Hu Kangkang is very low, when the patient’s condition that faces Hu Bin, oneself are hopeless unexpectedly, can wait for a person in Hao Yun only comfort next acceptance reality. Be actually in the life people is why such? Be in all the time of parents caress next is brought up, do not know well affairs of human life, but the person always should learn to be brought up, learning to mature. From inside the story of panda essence we can get a bit inspiration, birth is terrestrial normal behavior or conditions, the person always wants parting, and we can accomplish, learn how to be accepted namely parting.

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This refracted the feeling of male and female in reality and the path that get along actually, the phase that two people are in the likelihood to have an affair with each other, good to feeling the other side is infinite, once live,can be in one case, perhaps arrived to talk about marriage talking when married phase, meeting discovery also has so much drawback actually on the body of the other side, a lot of people are then hesitant, the other side is in the figure in him heart no longer perfect, however a person that fills defect, this moment can accept the other side, became a choice that place of a lot of sweethearts should face. The place with the actually most romantic love is not when having an affair with, wait for till the cows come home and the dynamic when be passionately in love, it is however after the place that is informed the other side is faulty still can jump at is loving the other side each other.

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” animal management board ” short 24 market had closed an official, in ending gave off a few stunt finally, from the point of these a few respects, this drama is for certain have continuation. ” animal management board ” from at the beginning be not valued by people, took the fraction of 7.6 to nowadays, can saying is against the wind breaks up dish, inside this besides laugh at a dot concentrated, bring a lot of joy to the audience besides, more important should be work accumulate contained life philosophy, with the gut extract like each prophecy conte, the real life that gives us brought a lot of enlightenment.

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