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Original title: ” phoenix play chess ” expression of heroine of gut mental retardation is coxcombical, wasted Xu Zhengxi and two acting of play bone

20220213053434 6208986a7e158

” phoenix play chess ” basically tell about Xie Ningzhi of actor of variety of all corners of the country the small lady-in-waiting beside empress, grow for generation virtuous the wife of a prince, and harvest the story of love. See gut main idea, xie Ningzhi’s person sets doubt to be like ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the Wei Ying Luo in, hit all the way upgrade quite, become life finally to win the home, the Gong Dou that will perform a blast to crack again makes fun of, regrettablly, after ministry play broadcasts, this makes a netizen faint spit groove however. Above all, gut too Low, hurt the pride of the audience

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In palace pink do not have simply with plastic tree of green soon

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Still have long princess this lipstick also is 3 what hold out intoxicate, the person of leading role of male and female sets concern of can making a person

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See gut introduction, xie Ningzhi should be clever and zenithal, eloquent strange woman, she in making fun of however is foolish however Bai Tian, be cheated so that turn all round by long princess in a few words only, returned within an inch of to drop a head, be subsequently in the process that pulls down long princess with empress join forces also is to lose to explode. . . . . . Let a person very hard really believe, such intelligence quotient can make generation virtuous the wife of a prince.

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Hero Wei An is only still government-owned bureau (communicate inside administrative palace, human affairs, accountant, punishment, entrance guard) administer commander, why can impeach grows a princess, in the meantime, why does he come in and go out palace anyplace straightway, and be infinitely resourceful, predict with miraculous accuracy, can square the anything in palace. Make a person most exclamatory should belong to heroine sodden acting

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After He Hong Shan goes out with ” hasty that year ” medium square Hui, ” over cloud bump ” medium abdomen is black female Shen Yan, ” if exemplary,pass ” the Bai Rui female singer in becomes famous.

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Today second Xu Zhengxi goes out first perform hero Wei An, extraordinary temperament, handsome the appearance of an actor, dozen of elegant and fluent play, make him encircle pink once more plus masterly acting.

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” phoenix play chess ” the first inland work that is him, although personate male 2 Lang Kun (male costar) , but acting by superb, can says every act is play.

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And the Liu Min of personate long princess, act imperial Cui Peng, the Cao sunlight article of personate empress all is acting not the actual strength clique of common, be mixed by the gut of low intelligence quotient regrettablly only heroine be a burden on, become the maker of sodden drama eventually.

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