Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” in June Xia Chu ” group be over after 3 pairs of green CP, fall odd that instead most this claim

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Campus is green piece general train of thought is group CP, because this a lot of people should discover this piece a ” problem ” — 4 female 3 male, have surely fall odd ah! Right, this piece master centimeter belongs to two dormitories. Schoolgirl dormitory lives full 4 people, and schoolboy dormitory lived only however 3 people. As the development of the story, the trend of 3 groups of CP also is little ground clarity rises. However, with store up aesthetic if be judged with viewpoint of value, feel to be destined to fall that finally instead only girl, most this by claim hey.

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Composition of last pairs of CP is later, accident however ground became a ending is the happiest pair. Motile boy Yang Cheng (Yang Bing Cheng is acted the role of) look some thick lines at ordinary times, mix besides warm blood it seems that handsome besides, do not have exquisite the one side with tenderness. Star of bookish girl king preciouses jade (Yang Tao is acted the role of) it is not to understand how to send out more oneself feminine glamour. Can be these two look seem the person that has lot not quite with campus love, after accidental encountering is maintained, show however went out to fight risk ability formidably. Fall finally odd is grass of forceful girl easy (Xu Jin sagacious is acted the role of) , also be schoolgirl dormitory ” leader ” . She has definite idea to have action power again already, be good at organizing the matters concerned such as the activity of the dormitory, game, birthday, party not only, can lead a dormitory the topic more, new to abandoning the love of friend progress spreads out to give counsel constructively. However she falls finally odd, because she has definite idea too,just also is. Her definite idea ” the love in campus is fluky ” killed her finally. She did not talk about any love during campus really. But this does not represent her loveless, undeserved love. At least store up feel she does not compare a living quarter in other how much do 3 sisters differ ah — Yan Zhishen material is online, disposition very special also Nice. Just do not believe campus love because of oneself and missed campus love, a little tragic really ah ~~~ audience people, such girl sees in reality, not hesitant, immediateness claim!

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