Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: The first month of the lunar year 12 broken 300 million ” killer ” nearly 2 billion ” miracle ” nearly 1 billion On Feburary 12 the first month of the lunar year 12 (Saturday) , the whole nation discharges 428 thousand in all, the person-time that watch a movie makes an appointment with 7.36 million basis preliminary count yields box-office the floodgate bridge #1.05 of lake of long ferry of 326 million # 100 million, accumulative total 3.262 billion; # this killer is not quite sober #9050 10 thousand, accumulative total 1.962 billion; #5130 of stupid child of # miracle · 10 thousand, accumulative total 982 million; # bear appears and disappear #3320 of · return earth 10 thousand, accumulative total 781 million; # sharp-shooter #2740 10 thousand, accumulative total 418 million; Sheep of sheep of # happy event and ash too the basket of the wolf gives prospective #458 10 thousand, accumulative total 130 million; # wants to go to your world loving you very much (the dot is mirrorred) #558 10 thousand, accumulative total 10.74 million; #490 of # the four seas 10 thousand, accumulative total 513 million; # barks the corps exists #81 of great merit big motion picture 10 thousand, accumulative total 79.38 million; #47 of old hero of mound of # small tiger 10 thousand, accumulative total 19.89 million

20220213060133 62089ebd330cd

During winter vacation addition effect is fainter on the weekend, market grail does not rise only Saturday 30% , booking office of countrywide odd-numbered days rebounds to 320 million above, the first month of the lunar year that is in weekday than last year 12 tall nearly 100 million. Up to today, accumulative total is box-office in Feburary with the history the rapiddest rate is broken through 8 billion close greatly, this is this year only of course the Spring Festival is earlier and the cause that falls inside Feburary entirely, but with the record last year Feburary (12.27 billion) the gap that still has 4.17 billion, and according to second half Cheng is likely in Feburary new a battle array, only month amplitude by passing negative avoid basically hard. ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” box-office Saturday annulus is compared rise 23% , odd-numbered days booking office breaks through 100 million yuan of col again, add up to defeats 100 million days of number to rise to 10 days. Film shows 12 days of accumulative total to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera integratedly to already was broken through 3.2 billion close greatly, already exceeded ” I and my motherland ” (3.169 billion) , rise house inland a list of names posted up of shadow history total booking office the 11st. ” this killer is not quite sober ” also rise than Zhou Wu 3 into, odd-numbered days booking office picks up to above of 90 million col, at present accumulative total achievement already exceeded ” predecessor 3 ” (1.94 billion) , rise house inland a list of names posted up of shadow history total booking office the 27th, will break through tomorrow 2 billion close greatly. ” miraculous · stupid child ” go up Saturday with ” killer ” adjacent, odd-numbered days booking office also rebounds to 50 million above, already exceeded ” pass through cold winter embraces you ” ascend Shi Baijiang of body inland shadow, still will break through tomorrow 1 billion close greatly. ” bear appears and disappear · return earth ” annulus rises than yesterday 31% , odd-numbered days booking office picks up to 33 million odd, will become series head ministry to cut the work of 800 million col tomorrow. ” sharp-shooter ” annulus goes up than yesterday 32% , go up advanced 5 optimal, accumulative total booking office has crossed 400 million col successfully also tomorrow, with ” the four seas ” difference is insufficient already 100 million. Acquired Valentine’s Day will have 3 to answer section love theme is new piece show, broke Spring Festival archives successfully numerous piece to the market regnant. ” taste Wen Ruyan 10 years ” first days of behead obtains the platoon of 21.2% to mirror a space, list head of a list of names posted up with of short duration of small dominant position, ” do not forget me to love you ” and ” seem to go to your world loving you ” two in order to tighten therewith hind, also take nearly two become platoon mirrors a space. Champion of Spring Festival archives ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” odd-numbered days platoon is mirrorred occupy decrease than acute to 15% the following, ” this killer is not quite sober ” also had lost half to mirror a space.

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