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Original title: The 28th collect divides ~ of the 26th collect between the world introducer of part the plot of a play is worldly broadcast time, when to broadcast newlier Luo Shibin of the 26th collect (Yu Zhen is acted the role of) be worth a career to rise period, have lofty aspirations and great ideals greatly, group of person of a white horse with a black mane however unexpected calamity flies, candied floss factory is inherent and obsolete pedantry administrative orgnaization, handle affairs because of relevant leader careless, by diddle of unidentified portfolio company a large number of gold, and catching up with outside war, yard had thrown a batch of kinds or types of goods of production to stop sale abruptly before this. Young worker Xiaopeng puts forward to sell the originality of corner goods independently, get Luo Shibin appreciate.

20220213060911 6208a087ab76a

Zhou Bingyi (Xin Baiqing is acted the role of) receive ranking instruction, be about to appoint with important task clique he take-overs to be in transition difficult to strand period war industry factory. Zhou Bingyi is opposite originally female singer of mother-in-law gold month (Song Chunli is acted the role of) keep an eye on the act that he works is malcontent very, dan Jinyue female singer says frankly however this matter and she has nothing to do, instead confirm textural is known to Zhou Bingyi profound and expect, understand and encourage of mother-in-law of Zhou Bingyi recall with emotion, greeted blade to accept this one glorious and formidable also job. Luo Shibin of the 27th collect (Yu Zhen is acted the role of) to want Hui Nannan, to Zhou Bingyi (Xin Baiqing is acted the role of) the check that sent 100 thousand yuan, meaning grasp in the hope justice the thing that does not have a hand in Nan Nan, grasping Yi Lianxin was not torn open, immediate return. Luo Shibin did not shrink back accordingly, he sends Yao Lisong at the same time (Feng Lei is acted the role of) with water elder brother 2 people, the plan makes so that continue to sit to work follow-uply,Yao Lisong is close to Zhou Bingyi, and water elder brother heads for Ji Chun to look for Zheng Juan personally (Yan Tao acts the role of) , 2 people answer son Zhou Nan to want from different point of view (Wu Xing key is acted the role of) (Wu Xing key is acted the role of) prepare. Appear suddenly of water elder brother, intended acceptance if Zheng Juan agrees to return Zhou Nan Luo Shibin, he can give money to help light spend difficulty. This Zheng beautiful with respect to angst is more worry again, she exhorts Zhou Nan does not talk with stranger recently, elder brother of water of for fear that looks for Nan Nan. What catch up with Chun Yan and heart treasure 7 years again right now is urticant make a divorce, zheng Juan also the heart gives birth to the crisis to feel, borrow machine explore grasping elder brother is right oneself feeling, end up with nothing definite however, the mood more depressed is low. Zheng of the 28th collect beautifuls (Yan Tao is acted the role of) next regions that are little brother light are depressed, more Luo Shibin (Yu Zhen is acted the role of) try to reave Zhou Nan (Wu Xing key is acted the role of) (Wu Xing key is acted the role of) idea angst, still grasp in the week outside the state elder brother (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) do not know however among them labyrinthian, blame Zheng Juan instead ” requirement ” the behavior that he goes to borrowing Qian Bangguang lightness to pass crisis with brother elder brother’s wife, two people conceive worry to give birth to enmity suddenly each, zheng Juan chases after a bookshop for Zhou Nan’s thing, be grasped to offspring again misunderstanding, grasping elder brother rebuked before Sun Xiaoning’s face Zheng Juan, their disaccord of 2 people makes Sun Xiaoning saw ” hope ” . Water do as one pleases still found Zhou Bingkun, told him ably Luo Shibin’s plan, grasping elder brother astonishs, the choice of the manner that is eager to wanting to know Zheng Juan and Zhou Nan. Zhou Bingkun returns Zheng of the inquiry in the home to beautiful hastily, two people are urgent fire attack heart, go up in each channel each however. Under Zheng beautiful choler Sun Xiaoning dark the thing that loves grasping elder brother told him, zhou Bingkun suddenly be enlightened, however more because Zheng Juan attacks,wind captures an image obdurate empty thing, tell him without the job that seeks Luo Shibin Zhou Nan for a short while and get angry, week mother is taking Zhou Cong to come home meet by chance this scene, persuade to stop hastily 2 people, zheng beautiful heart is hurt unceasingly.

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