Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Zhao Liying appears body spring evening, below the stage blast an applause Li Ying appears body spring evening, below the stage blast an applause, 2022, tiger year Chun Wanru is made an appointment with and come. Galaxy brights, group of singing and dancing.

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Zhao Liying attends begin to perform together with numerous star at the beginning, receive this good New Year jointly with us. She wears the long skirt of champagne at that time, the Zhu Yilong on the side of her also is handsome again and again, zhao Liying of Chu Dengchun late scenic is a bit nervous.

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After begin appears, crossed what ability began him at 0 o’clock to sing directly performance, see Zhao Liying comes on the stage that momently, the vermicelli made from bean starch of Li Ying of a lot of Zhao is especially other happy, her singing lets everybody find everything new and fresh.

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That evening, zhao Liying is special changed model of two long skirt, look to come out she is right spring take seriously late. With Wang Junkai, zhu Yilong, yu Ke cooperated only happy time. This song when, she is special the gules formal attire that put on oneself, gules love formal attire looks bright red and festival, particularly indicative spring late this special red-letter day. Hope the country is better and better, hope Zhao Liying is more and more beautiful, the cause is better and better.

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