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Original title: ” between the world ” the most ordinary woman role, however the world is real Realistic theme is big now drama ” between the world ” since sowing, heat lasts violent wind rises, with northeast ” smooth word piece area ” Home Zhou of 3 children grow for clew, spread out historical picture scroll slowly. This theatrical work with full details almost every collect has lachrymal place, cannot help doing sth letting a person.

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In this drama, the runs for love Zhou Rong that the Zheng of the willingly bear the burden of hard works that the guileless old mother that is Sa day graceful personate no matter, Yan Tao acts beautifuls or beautiful of small the Song Dynasty acts is enough grab an eye, under photograph comparing, the lowest of feeling of existence of plum of winter of Hao of senior officer daughter-in-law of cornstalk Zhou Bingyi, but it is a such ordinary small parts fine article assumed complete theatrical work however the mainest ” turn ” , also contributed for this drama a lot of ” the world is real ” .

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Of Hao Dongmei doing not have existence to feel is character itself decision. ” between the world ” renown head is listening very big, but what go actually is with small see old pattern, with Zhou Jiasan the experience of acting person enters a place to cut, come the changes of reductive times. Relative to worker status of Zhou Jia, mei Xianran of winter of governor daughter Hao is a bit antipathetic. Change character, it is special period setting just lets she and as a child outstanding had the possibility that be together to big Zhou Bingyi, but this also was destined she and the close together sense of Home Zhou won’t be so strong. This is this character does not cross those who pass ” doorsill ” , more or less to have nothing to do with the performance of actor itself and camera lens.

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Besides, very important is, ” between the world ” in the characteristic Dou Taixian of other woman role is clear. The week mother of Sa day graceful personate is fatherly guileless, even if just tighten an eyes that staring at a son or the detail that caress brushs a tear, enough lets a person in all affection; The appearance of week Chengdu Jimei of personate of beautiful of small the Song Dynasty and wisdom at a suit, all over individual character, it is no matter in special time run for love, or to grow oneself enterprise put the daughter native place, make she and average woman different. And the virtuous daughter-in-law that abundants the Zheng Juan of peach personate is a tunnel, although one’s previous experience and ability not likely are much strong, but wake up plant person mother-in-law this a little bit to her only, she is in valueing the Home Zhou place that pay a debt of gratitude most is the firmest.

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Under photograph comparing, hao Dongmei’s position is very awkward. Comparing of be in sb’s good graces does not cross Zhou Rong, pay than crossing Zheng Juan, the daughter-in-law that regards Home Zhou as cornstalk still does not have a law to give birth to the child, besides have a father that becomes a leader, hardly what advantage. But in that time, leader father also does not calculate what dominant position, make two ancestry difference more remarkable instead.

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Can change an angle to look, also be these ” inferior position ” let Hao Dongmei become dinkummer rise. She is begged to Zhou Jiamo, what value exclusively most is husband Zhou Bingyi, for beloved man, she is willing the habit that gets used to mother-in-law home and custom, do a good daughter-in-law hard. Zhou Rong is right after manhood family is asked for only, did not pay; And what Zheng beautifuls is filial changed the chance that takes Home Zhou entrance door, two-phase has Hao Dongmei only quite pure because love,be, ability effort and week home are associated.

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Two is in arrangement to be able to see Hao Dongmei is right most of Zhou Jia approbate and want to blend in. Adorer Cai Xiao Guang of Zhou Rong suffers family embroil to cannot read an university, zhou Bingkun be unable to repay, it is Hao Dongmei the father that searchs actively helps. Say normally, she won’t not know parental fundamental, but she still is to loved person and husband’s family to open a mouth, in her heart it is thus clear that Home Zhou is mixed Zhou Jiaren’s importance.

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It is she wants to arrange parents and Zhou Jiafu’s mother to meet the 2nd. In father asthma answer become impatient saves that evening, because the secretary takes a fault gift, she still did not keep back and kissed Mom to make a noise to rise. This has the in a dilemma that serves as daughter-in-law and wife admittedly in portion grievance, but more experience is in that what care about grandpa mother-in-law and husband at her, for Home Zhou she auxes would rather and fall out of a married woman’s parents’ home, also showed her position at this o’clock actually. Pure be like her, can have because of the manner of grandpa even suffer desolate, it serves to show how the depict of this character is true.

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Without complexion of sweet size elder sister, also do not have sedulous be able to achieve success one way or another, seeing the Hao Dongmei that seems least existence move is actually ” between the world ” in be worth most fine tasted character, her crack lives to go up somehow also is the clew of other one side of friendly affection of Zhou Jiahe humorous. In social life, appear absolutely impossibly ” peach blossom source ” , home Zhou won’t be Gu island, because Hao Dongmei is so not important but exist indispensably again however, make this person much more worldly more color, this is work of such an on-the-spot record most the place that lets a person touch.

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