Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Discriminate is worn by accident pure yuan of dress of empress, emperor why be furious? Be in recently review ” discriminate is passed ” , already 3 brush, or with pleasure, look to have the one discovery that all over.

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Xie Lan is depended on and is an attention before spray, the act person that original Xie Lan depends on is Reyiza, ” hill sea affection ” medium spray also is her! See the wife of a prince of discriminate advance at present, by empress calculate, put on pure yuan of dress of empress, the emperor greatly smooth fire. Some doubt are actually when seeing here for the first time, why doesn’t the emperor find out the Shang Yi bureau that make mistake, blame however at innocent discriminate .

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But look now, direct such processing more advanced, have a thorough grasp the heart of Yong Zheng’s emperor. Pure yuan empress goes from the emperor dragon period is in with respect to company side, be him in lifetime most desolate is frustrated and when the purest blueness is acerbity, can say pure yuan of mind blood that empress is Yong Zheng, bai Yueguang. Now this the person already went, apprentice accept as a souvenir thinks, the emperor sees discriminates like color photograph, not by think of pure yuan. But this bit of idea is unbeknown, also do not allow others to know. Discriminate is put on now pure yuan the dress, look in the emperor, this is the pry of hearts of pair of the Supreme Being, be dialogue moon is profanatory, it is humiliate of true to oneself affective.

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Feeling because of what kind of ugly performance is exposed, the emperor just is met be ashamed angry, a long way of father a surname that adds discriminate is joined achieve, the emperor also somewhat misgive, just meet so unbridled ground abreacts to discriminate fury.

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The emperor one anger, laic suffer disaster. Discriminate a long way exiles, discriminate becomes a monk or nun, the wife of a prince of the Supreme Being is centrifugal, this also brings about discriminate to walk up secondhand black the way that change. Everybody feels, in ” discriminate is passed ” in, still be worth fine fine savoured clue. The welcome tells me in comment area.

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