Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” motor-driven army ” is Li Tanyao article to present as leading role to act the leading role? Sensory show share still does not have friendship to go out act much!

20220213061241 6208a159e22f7

When remembering knowing this theatrical work at the beginning, because,be forest acts the leading role, basically be he leaves mew hind from TVB, a few teleplay that pat have some ” do not have a law to look ” , seeing he takes harbor theatrical work again so is can expect all the more. Although know those who pat to this drama is not TVB, nevertheless inside the face that a lot of audiences are familiar with very much, having a few still is the actor that my pretty likes, so expectation value increased again some.

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A few actors that my pretty likes respecting, must carry Tan Yaowen among them, although not be his iron lever pink, won’t chase after each his work to look, but when seeing a work has him every time, can expect his performance. The audience of familiar Tan Yaowen should know, he is the singer goes out, of Mei Yanfang prentice, also took work of a lot of movie and TV, a work that I like him most is ” freely the four seas ” , the teleplay that acts to him so is met more on heart a few, especially also paragraph of time did not see he performs harbor theatrical work, should see ” motor-driven army ” when having him, have the power that seeks theatrical work more!

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Doing not have those who think of is, this drama had sowed 28 collect, but show share sincerity of Tan Yaowen is had pity on less, see he is this drama so that I have some of suspicion present as leading role to act the leading role? Feel to me in drama his show share still does not have friendship to give a few actors that act much, say for example ” pomegranate elder sister ” the autumn elder sister of Yuan Qiongdan personate, still have the Panda of personate of Zhang Jin Cheng.

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Specially looked, article of boast of this drama Tan is male 3, before be being returned than Zhang Jicong one, but the time that Sir passes to appear in considering theatrical work, really some ” touching ” , major while is to come out to make next energy of life, exclusive the gut that share of a paragraph of show compares arduous, it is to be over there old building, this paragraph of story he is not setting eventually however leading role, with female advocate the He Huiling of Cai Zhuoyan personate is a little associated, this paragraph of length does not grow old nevertheless building and at the same time a few perforative law case, give the show that closes Sir the share so not much also really.

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Show share also did not calculate more, but will look with respect to fixed position, close Sir this part to be in action of whole department theatrical work is very small, masterstroke gut does not have his thing basically, change an unfamiliar the actor will act to won’t have too much distinction completely, see the 28 market in front so, feel this part looks for Tan Yaowen to act to have some of acting that wastes him really. Whole department theatrical work returns remnant 2 collect, he also should be done not have at the back of range estimation share of too much show.

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If invert forcibly,impose the sentence of play, possibility won’t be very large, should in front do not have matting basically, break up by force too too curt. Fortunately, although this drama Tan boasts language that’s all right is developed, but forest the performance of is very wonderful still, the similar letter in returning in the right way follows Zhang Jicong, go out plus costly friendship so perform a battle array, propping up me to seek 28 market, big ending, fast also!

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